My Christmas Message Forever

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7 thoughts on “My Christmas Message Forever”

  1. So much peace filling my heart after reading your words dear Mohanji…happy happy Christmas, and wish we could all attain liberation….Love you <3

  2. Shireena Bagirathi

    Thank you for your enlightened presence in our lives and may we learn to practice all that you teach. Have a blessed Christmas.

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  4. Thank You for this powerful Heart message of the Christ-mas. It’s True, each of us just embodied the message of Jesus, we all would be transformed inside out, and what a harmoniously changed world ours would be … our world … our Earth. Hug Ami

  5. Ashwinee rahim

    So much truth, wisdom, love n devine intelligence. May u always be blessed with more of the same and beyond. ?Love u baba. Thank you. Happy Christmas

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