Mohanji’s Guru Poornima Message 2012

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  1. Baba,there is nothing one can offer at your Blessed Lotus Feet but one’s head,please accept this and do with it what you will,for now you are and i am not.ever in deep Gratitude for all your Eternal Love and overflowing Grace and Mercy,this child that you gave the name tara.

  2. Beloved Mohanji, we humbly thank You for Your selfless and unpretentious love. Today, we will spend in silence, introspection and gratitude for a blessing such as an enlightened Being, taking an interest in our little family here in South Africa. There are no words to explain the incredible elevation that Your omni-presence has effected our little lives.

    At Your holy feet in deep gratitude

    ACT South Africa

  3. Biljana Vozarevic

    Trees can’t be planted here until autumn
    And I wanted to show my gratitude’s blossom
    Though I will plant one on some later datum
    Let me humbly offer now this lightsome poem

    Whoever’s aware to walk towards the soul
    is to be aware of the ultimate goal
    to reach it, unshakeable faith is the tool
    apart from conviction, there’s no strict rule

    Sometimes you may feel nothing is moving
    Sometimes you may feel nothing is happening
    Sometimes there is only repeating
    Sometimes it is all too boring

    But as you took that one plunge and the river flows
    it itself is taking you to life’s hugs and blows
    Solution is Patience with capital P
    and with it Devotion, to teach you how to be

    Whether you’re determined, life will give you tests
    you cannot be lulled by false security nests
    life will send agony before it sends ecstasy
    rely on the faith in everpresent mercy

    Liberation is the aim of every soul
    dissolution, sacred golden path is the goal
    where only pure Unconditional Love exists
    one’ll reach there who on this path endures, persists

    You cannot be broken if you practise kindness
    if you help the helpless, wipe tears, stop blindness
    Compassion elevates, makes us subtle, human
    selfless service takes higher, whether you’re man or woman

    It will take consciousness higher and higher
    regardless of which sadguru you love or admire
    immitating lifestyle is not spiritual fire
    Live the Guru’s teachings is His only desire

    He does not need anything from you
    except: to yourself please be faithful and true
    whether you are champion, ruler, husband, wife
    you’re successful if you pass tests of real life

    A real test of life is not scores in exams
    but how you endure the path of joys and sorrows,
    navigate through winding roads of karmic life
    This needs FAITH and with deep faith GRACE follows

    And how’s the faith destroyed nowadays?
    Society lacks real spiritual grounding
    education is now a commodity for sale
    for competition, supremacy, frustrating and binding

    Children become tired, rebellious, angry,
    self-destructive, restless, with no peace within
    emotional outbursts with peace as secondary
    that is what happens when faith is fragile, thin

    Growing up in virtual world of make-believe
    virtual gratifications, life and relationships
    children are growing up scared of the real
    breaking down when real life brings real hardships

    Solution is not removing virtual world
    but being aware, not enslaved by it
    with awareness one can handle many worlds
    with awareness child will not feel a misfit

    Pushing the children, pumping intellect
    in order that they feel better off, proud
    is a trap and binding, when enslaved by it
    sun of name, fame, titles, then has a grey cloud

    Tailoring children to be competitive
    dividing them into winners and failures
    is destroying their faith, inner stability
    insensitive society makes unstable seniors

    Real success is not to become one above all
    Each of us is one of all, that is not the goal
    but how we learn from life, nature, our own soul
    then everything can play our own guru’s role

    Real success, to see the truth, develop our inner eyes
    to learn to see, accept the real with unshakable trust
    to master our mind aspiring to the highest
    consciousness in life is inevitability and a must

    Dissolution, transcension, merging with the source
    shedding, dropping off, not cutting by force
    every knowledge unlearned, dissolved, nullified
    inner letting go of whatever’s acquired

    We evolve through being, not doing or knowing
    not by whatever is our ego’s blowing
    limitlessness, the conscious, is becoming THAT
    cause only then there’s ONE from which we’re not separate


    1. Muthukumar

      The whole essence of living and having faith has been captured beautifully in this poem by you.Reading this lovely poem at the beginning of my day has already made my day blissful.Thank You

  4. As I look at the Full Moon on this special day, heart immediately expands – and then I look around me and witness how life brings many challenges & uncertainties, hectic work schedule and routine often drains the energy, and the fulfillment of the most noble spiritual goals remains as far as the mighty Kailash right now.

    This Gurupurnima, my heart is filled with sadness that I cannot join the loving group now travelling with Mohanji to this most amazing place on planet Earth – but ‘Let it be Thy will’, let the wings of Shradha and Saburi show the way. All the answers are within, fulfillment is within, and through the Heart we remain connected always, regardless of physical separation.

    On this special day, there is so much to thank for, but I especially thank Mohanji for all the scoldings that he blesses me with so often, for I know they are delivered with the purest Love and for the highest good….. It is that Love that makes life so worth it, of every moment that makes eternity.

    Nothing but Love,

  5. Dearest Biba,
    I just read this post and the responses, and can truly resonate with your feelings. I could not meet Mohanji during this Dubai visit (for the first time) as I had just returned from Vipassana Dhamma Seva and we had a meeting with the Regional Teacher that evening. I was supposed to go after the meeting, but it got over very late and I was not sure if it would be too late to go at 10 pm. I did not feel guilty at all, for as Mohanji always says, physical presence is not the only way we meet. The past 15 days have been extremely hectic at work with late nights and many other issues, but there is an intangible energy that keeps supporting me against all challenges, however bizarre they may be. The awareness of the true self and connection with the supreme consciousness keeps us content even if we are not able to be where we want to be or do what our heart wishes to do many a times. The reminder to just Be, is in itself a lesson, a progression towards liberation.
    Shraddha and Saburi will indeed show the way my beautiful sister.
    Love & Joy

  6. Found everything about u and your exxperiences. Even reading a paragraph of your teaching was a spiritual experience.
    Thank u & love

  7. i am stronger believer of lord hanuman and shridi saibaba. today i searched about shridi saibaba wallpapers it will goes to some important websites.among that i went to your website. i earned more knowledge about the yoga and meditation. so i am very happy. i want learn more. so kindly help me.

  8. Trishita De

    Dear Mohanji…i came across your teachings while surfing the internet and have been reading your blogs for a past few days.Somehow i have found solace from the immense emotinal turmoil and restlessness that i have been experiencing for the past few years. I need your guidance and blessings and feel that you can make me realize my higher self. Someday when the right time comes i would like to meet you but till then i would utilize my time to make myself eligible to come in your divine presence.

    1. Welcome to the family dear Trishita! Please take time to practice the Power of Purity meditation and you will surely meet Mohanji sooner than you think :-). With love, Biba

  9. Ammanta Shah

    SIR/MADAM.Please can you give me the headquarters e-mail address. I am interested in this path. I found by chance. Please help me contact the correct persons to speak to I am in South Africa. i cannot find a site to give me the contact details.
    Regards Ammanta Shah Ramson

  10. Ammanta Shah

    SIR/MADAM.Please can you give me the headquarters e-mail address of Guru Mohanji. I am interested in this path. I found by chance. Please help me contact the correct persons to speak to I am in South Africa. i cannot find a site to give me the contact details.
    Regards Ammanta Shah Ramson

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