Creating Inner Stability – part 1

Mohanji Speaks Zoom Satsang on 6th May 2018 Handling life Q: If everything is happening through us, then all this confusion, good or bad, is meant to happen. So surrender, morning and night? M: The will which created this effect has already happened. That is what we call the past. In the past we have

We Are That Which We Are Looking For

An interview with the Serbian newspaper “Dnevnik” (Saturday, Dnevnik Magazin, issue 26th Nov-2nd Dec 2017) What does it mean to be a spiritual teacher? How does one become one, and what responsibility does it include? The spiritual teacher itself is a concept. I would say you don’t need to teach a fish how to swim.

Those Who Love Me Have Me – part 2

An Interview with Mohanji for Serbian Magazine ONA – part 2 (November 2017) You can read it in Serbian here. Heroes of My Mission Q: Mohanji voluntary clubs exist in 15 countries. How much has their work contributed to You becoming becoming a global phenomenon? A:  I have never measured how much my work has

Those Who Love Me, Have Me – part 1

An Interview with Mohanji for Serbian Magazine ONA – part 1 (November 2017) You can read it in Serbian here. Q: What was the key situation that made you realize you’re going to become a spiritual master? Who is a person you consider a spiritual teacher? A: My basic path or the path which I

Counter Negativity with Positive Action

Satsang in Vrsac, Serbia, part 2 10th May, 2016 Q: How to control our thoughts? Even if we are to be here and now, we need to control ourselves, don’t we? A: Who will control? This is something which you cannot control. Thoughts are like our children. We don’t know who is coming. We become

The Stronger the Purpose, the Stronger the Will Power

Satsang in Zrenjanin, Serbia, part 2 24th October, 2016 Q: How can I enhance my willpower? A: Increase the purpose, then your willpower will be enhanced. If your purpose is very clear, e.g. heal the world, give a better life to people, take care of animals and birds, take care of environment… if you make

Increase Your Frequency

Satsang in Zrenjanin, Serbia, part 1 24th October, 2016 Q: How to deal with people who make us feel guilty? A: All of the experiences of life right from our childhood till now, all the people who came into our lives, all the locations, everything, even the food you eat, the air you breathe, the

The Secret of Enlightenment

Satsang in Novi Sad, Serbia, part 3 23rd February, 2017 Q: Can every spiritual man get enlightened in this life? A: My theory is that we are all enlightened by birth. Some people don’t know this because of the overwhelming mind. Enlightenment is like graduation, you are reaching a pedestal, you are becoming stabilized at