How to know when God is speaking to you?

Whenever you believe that God is talking through us, that means you should not exist. Please understand clearly. If you feel that God is talking through you, then it can’t be through your personality, called you. It has to be completely turned into an empty pot. For any higher energy to manifest through you, you should stop existing. The minimum requirement is zero mind, zero ego, and zero personality.
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Datta Jayanthi-Satsang Mohanji-2020

Datta Jayanti with Mohanji – Part 1

Datta is a state, a state where 330 million dimensions are always projected from one source. One source is all, already projecting. The whole universe is all projection of that one source: pure consciousness, bright consciousness. Brighter than a million suns, but not as hot as the sun. That is the thing – that it’s brighter than a million suns and that projection is Datta. This means that 330 million dimensions projected simultaneously are Datta. And each person has that potential, we all have the potential. But why are we not able to do that?
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How to love yourself

There is only one thing we must practice to perfection. That means self-love. This has to be practised to perfection. There is no other way. We can always love other people, do things outside. This is all when we are awake when we are in the waking state.
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Soul Transition

What you see is what you are. You cannot see anything else. Whatever is outside may not matter to you, if your inside is not clear. You need to clarify this thing. Shine bright inside – then the whole world is beautiful, full of brightness.
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New Year Message 2021

Now, we have to look ahead and see how we can redefine ourselves in this restrictive scenario. It’s almost like an imprisonment situation where we do not have any freedom. We don’t have the freedom which we used to have before. And I don’t think it will come back so easily. One of the major things that we need now is flexibility.
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Datta Jayanti Message 2020

Dattatreya is the supreme guru, the incarnation of Supreme Consciousness, we are also the incarnation of supreme consciousness, but we do not understand that. We are divine incarnations. We need somebody to tell us that we are divine.
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The Golden Tradition – Mohanji’s Message on Datta

Jai Gurudeva Datta!   Watch here Infinity Lord Dattatreya: How can we explain Supreme Consciousness – the Supreme Consciousness which has no boundaries? Dattatreya is infinity incarnate, or infinity incarnated.  As infinity, Lord Dattatreya is unfathomable. We can’t even explain Him, and though we can assume, we can’t understand. He is the guru of all gurus


Mohanji’s Christmas Message 2020

Today, when we talk about Christ, when we remember Christ, I remember what he left behind. It is the Christ Consciousness that he left behind. Christ Consciousness is his gift to this world; to mankind. Generations deluded with various external factors forgot about who they are, forgot about their own consciousness. That’s when Christ came.
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Lord Dattatreya Prana Pratistha and Nagaraja Inauguration in Skanda Vale, UK

Lord Dattatreya Prana Pratistha and Nagaraja Inauguration in Skanda Vale, UK

Taken from   The installation of Lord Dattatreya at Skanda Vale (17th August 2018), with a discourse from Brahmarishi Mohanji.   Download discourse – mp3 Jai Guru Datta! It’s extremely auspicious today. First of all, Dattatreya coming to Skanda Vale – it’s always purpose-bound. Datta is always purpose-bound. He means transformation. Transformation is the

Mohanji's Vijaya Dashami message 2020, Navarathri-Himalayan School of Traditional Languages HSTL

Mohanji’s Vijaya Dashami message 2020

Namaste to all of you. I am so happy to come back to you again after these glorious days of Navrathri, and I’m sure that you have enjoyed and experienced great elevation through the words and expressions of Hari Narayanan. He would have taken you to various dimensions of Shakti Upasna. I’m sure you would