The Presence of Shirdi Sai Baba

Presence of Baba – Satsang with Mohanji

Vancouver, March 20, 2022

Satsang about Baba | Mohanji

You can imagine how painful it is to elevate to the consciousness; very, very painful. That’s where masters like Baba come into the picture. He holds your hand. He says, “Aa jao beta”- “Come, Come over.” They change your priority. Only when your priorities change do you progress. If you don’t put your GPS on properly, you’ll not reach your destination. Similarly, your priority should be clear. You should know where you’re going. Only then can you actually reach your destination.

That’s what Baba exactly gives you. Look here. You’ve taken many lives; the same life, only the form changed. Man, woman, husband, wife, brother, sister – some changes. That’s about it, but the same emotions, same deficiencies, same strengths, same needs – all these things. So, are you not happy now? Why are we taking the same needs all the time? Because that’s what we’re used to. That’s what we are exactly used to, and invariably, we come and take birth in the same family.


Your priority should be clear. You should know where you’re going. Only then can you actually reach your destination.

– Mohanji

We always come and take birth in the same family – up and down, with some differences, of course. Your grandfather or great-grandfather can become the son of his grandson when he takes another body. But again, we are coming back into the same family. We are not even allowing people to liberate. Are you with me on this?

We are not even allowing other people to go further because we say (spoken in Hindi) “seven lifetimes of suffering.” This is what we exactly pray, and Baba says, “Tathastu!” (So be it).” If you can complete everything in one lifetime, you can be Baba.

One example – Mhalsapati. He clearly knew who Baba was and wanted nothing from him. He wanted nothing from Baba. He said, “If Baba is not in the body, I don’t want to see the world”, and he became blind. He didn’t see the world after Baba attained mahasamadhi (the state a yogi enters when they consciously make the decision to leave their body).

Look at the power of conviction! Look at how deeply connected he was. He became one with Baba, and there’s no trace of him because there’s no need to take a body.

When karma ends, dharma takes over. If at all you’re coming, you’ll be coming only to fulfil dharma – righteous duty. Otherwise, karma is making repeated births. Birth after birth after birth, karma brings us back.

Karma is mainly unfulfilled desires. When that’s diluted, then it’s dharma (righteous duty), and for the sake of it, it can happen. Like, when Krishna took his body, many elevated, dissolved masters took birth even as a cow, a calf, because an avatar was happening. They wanted to help the avatar. They took the bodies. That’s not karmic birth. That’s because they wanted to be with the avatar.


There are great masters like Sai Baba, who was so unassuming. Many people didn’t even know who he was. They considered him a madman. He was talking to himself, doing things in a haphazard way, but he always delivered. There’s difficulty in talking, so I’ll rather take your questions. Discussion is better so that we have interaction. If it’s a monologue, you’ll sleep. It’s after lunch, right? What can I talk about? What would you like to know that I know?

Relevance of Baba in these turbulent times

Question: Now, in the world, we see many tragedies/calamities. What do you think about the presence and the relevance of Baba now, more than ever?

Mohanji: This is the Kali-yuga, the time of Kali. Adharma is ruling. There’s no dharma -unrighteousness. People don’t understand. Like in the Satya yuga, it was one hundred per cent righteousness – only dharma. Then Sri Rama’s time came, so a bit of unrighteousness started. But that was very simple.

Ravan was not righteous because he wanted everything for himself. Selfishness was his problem, Ravan’s problem, but he was a great bhakta (devotee) of Shiva. Shiva came to him. He was a very powerful devotee of Shiva. His problem was selfishness. He wanted everything for himself. So, an avatar happened; Ram came, and then you know the story.

Then Krishna’s time – adharma was almost 50-50. Dharma and adharma – almost half. Krishna, during his time in the Kurukshetra war, destroyed almost every king of that time. It was a wiping out, a complete wipeout. Now, it’s Kali’s time. After Krishna left the body, the Kali-yuga started. In Kali’s time, it is one hundred per cent adharma. You hardly see dharma.

We go to temples asking for something. Please remember, in our tradition, we always looked for God-realization. What do we ask from God? “Let me be you. Let me realize you.” Not, “Give me something.” All those things degenerated to, “Give me something.” “I have this deficiency.” So, what’ll God say, “Okay, you have this deficiency.”

During this time, adharma occurs at various levels. Examples you can see are bloodshed, wars, destruction, and displacement. All these things are unnatural. What’s natural? Love, kindness, and compassion – that’s the human value. That’s the right human value. But instead, what are we doing?

We are just trying to compete, compare, conquer, capture, and torture. That’s what’s happening. How we behave with the animals of the world is a sign of our refinement or lack of refinement.

We call ourselves human beings, a refined species, but we do everything against that particular humaneness or humanity. We don’t do things which are actually supporting humanity. This was the time when Baba had to come. Big philosophy won’t work now. Who has time to read the Vedas, Upanishads, and Puranas? Nobody has time.


So, Baba set a simple example. With simplicity, with love, he became part of thousands of people’s lives. Literally, see, I’m sitting here in Vancouver, in Baba’s house. When you go to Shirdi, you are in Baba’s house. You can go to any place, and you’ll see Baba’s house. You are at home in the entire world.

From one home to another home, you can travel. This kind of presence, such a powerful avatar created, for us to know ourselves. What’s your priority in life? What do you want from life? It depends on what you can give to life.

What you get is what you give. But we don’t talk about giving. We don’t talk about sharing. We only talk about getting. That’s the degeneracy of this time – Kali-yuga. So, it’s important to know that this time, Baba’s presence is very important, and he’s behaving just like a huge avatar.

He’s touching many lives, transforming lives, giving enlightenment, guidance – everything. You can clearly understand that the relevance of Baba in everybody’s life is based on the transformation happening in your life. That’s his relevance today. Transformation is the relevance.

Any other question?

Respect the lineage

Question: What should we do in terms of our relationships with our family members to help them also finish their karma and not have an emotional attachment? What can we do if we want to help others so there are no pending desires?

Mohanji: Yes, the fundamental thing is respect. Your father and mother, or your grandfather and grandmother, represent your entire lineage, your ancestry. They are the living expression of your ancestors. What can we do? We need to respectthem, love them, and fulfil their desires. This is regarding elderly people.

Now the young people, children – we should bring them up in such a way that they are independent and strong. They should believe in themselves. They should connect to themselves with confidence and believe in themselves. Then, they go out into the world as good representations of the family. That helps the lineage to liberate.

50% or at least between 40 and 50% of your karma is from the lineage. There are three combinations in karma – one is what you wanted to experience from a past life, unfulfilled desires. The second is what you inherited from the lineage. When the sperm meets the egg, the lineage takes over. That prana is called dhananjaya.

There are five structural pranas, one of which is dhananjaya prana. This prana occupies your body before your body is formed. It leaves your body when it’s completely decomposed, which means when complete disintegration happens; then nothing else exists, and then it leaves.

Basically, you are owned by your mother’s and father’s sides. You are the living representation of this mother and father. So, what best we can do is to fulfil them so that when they leave fulfilled, automatically, the lineage becomes lighter.

Then, the best thing, as per the scriptures, is annadaan, feeding the beings of the water because your body has a lot of water. The second is feeding the birds; that is, your body has air and space. Feed them as you can, in nature.


The third is that you’ve to look after the beings of the earth. That means the animals like stray dogs, cats, and cows. The fourth is your own species – the old and the sick, women and children. These are the main helpless in your community.

If this is done, then the lineage starts getting cleansed – whatever they’ve accumulated. You don’t know how many people lived and died in your family.  Some people may have died without children. Their karmas are probably not done, and all those things.

When you feed continuously, it becomes a lot of cleansing. So many of them can liberate. As you go out of the body, at the time of death, what you carry is everything except the physical body. All your desire patterns, all your likes and dislikes, your character, constitution, everything goes with the soul. Then you put that into another body, next birth, most probably in the same lineage.

So here, if you don’t have much to do with the lineage or the world after you leave, you may consider a complete wipeout, which means you stay liberated; no need to take birth. But what happens in the lineage usually is that we are so addicted to relationships. What’s the best you can do – make it enjoyable.

I always believe that there’s no point in putting flowers in graveyards. Instead, give the flowers when people are alive, or, simply put – many times, we take them for granted. Those who really love us, we take them for granted.

For those who don’t love us, we work hard to make them love us, and it doesn’t work. We should change this. Your responsibility is towards those who love you. Give them your best. Your best as within your capacity, not as per their expectation. Their expectation could be different, but your capacity is your working space; only you know this.

You provide as per your capacity and be happy. So overall, if you make a lifestyle of awareness, you’ll see a big burden shift in the lineage. It’ll definitely start working, and you will feel lighter and easier.

You can see the lineage weight in many things. One is obstacles. Many people attempted so many things, but that didn’t work. One of the main reasons is the sankalpa – power of sankalpa. In everything, the beginning is sankalpa. What is sankpalpa? Vision – clarity of vision. This is very important.

The second is execution. If you do something without vision, execution will be faulty.  Eighty per cent of the failures of the world happen because vision is imperfect. That’s number one.


Secondly, halfway through the vision,we lost conviction; we lost faith in that vision. That’s why failure happens. Otherwise, failure won’t happen. People achieve success. Vision is very important, and sankalpa is very important. Even an architect, before he makes a building, has to have a vision of what he can do with the land. He draws the picture, and then he constructs it.

In your life, if you can do that, then you’ll see many things change, including your family. Automatically, they’ll also feel better. Then it becomes a deeper companionship, and fulfilment happens. When fulfilment happens, there’s no repetition. You don’t need to repeat. Any other questions?

Every connection begins with you – connect to yourself

Question: I want to know how I can connect to energy. Where can I start?

Mohanji: With you. It has to be with you because every connection begins with you in your waking state. There are three states every day. One is the waking state. Another is the dream state. Third is the deep sleep state. Dream and deep sleep we have no control over. Only waking state, when you’re awake – that’s the time when you start looking at yourself, connecting to yourself, feeling yourself.

The way your soul talks to you is through feelings. You need to be sufficiently silent to hear the voice of the soul. The body speaks to you through feelings. Hunger is a feeling. Thirst is a feeling. The need to sleep is a feeling. If you start connecting to yourself and observing yourself, you’ll start connecting to the energies around you. If you consistently do that before something happens, you’ll know.

But this is not happening because we are always looking outside and trying to connect to something outside. If you see Baba inside you, you’ll connect to Baba so deeply. Any master you see deep inside, you can connect with easily. But if you’re looking outside, you only see the disparity. Because what can the eyes see? Eyes see differences, but when you look within, you only see unity. We are all one.

Gender will be different; needs and desires will be different, but inside, we are all one, just like electricity. When it goes to the light bulb, it becomes the light bulb. If it goes to the washing machine, it becomes the washing machine.

If it goes to a television, it becomes the television, or it appears like a television. Like that, the same soul going through different bodies appears to be different people, appears to be, but they are not different. Inside, they are the same.


If that understanding is there, you’ll never see differences. You’ll only see unity, that we are all one. That’s an experience. That unity is an experience. It’s not a theory. You experience that unity. “Hey, look here, it’s me walking in another body.”

You’ve got to be empty to receive

That’s what I said in the beginning. When we come to the temple, we come only as a devotee. Why? Because only if you’re empty can Baba fill something into you.

One – expectations, thoughts, doubts, prejudices – they’ll completely block things. You’ve got to be empty to receive like this glass. The capacity of the glass is its strength. If it’s already full of water, nobody can fill anything more. Most of us are full cups with our minds and thoughts.

When we start looking at life in a much more easy way and remain empty, most of us, all our lives, are only addicted to our personality, what we are in the world – most of the time. When you’re awake, you’re wearing the cloth of your personality, and we are struggling to keep it alive.

But, in front of Baba, it doesn’t matter. In front of a guru, it doesn’t matter. He can see through you – all your past lives and future lives; you just have to be you. Just by connecting, the transformation starts happening. How can transformation happen? When there’s surrender. How can surrender happen? When there’s awareness. What awareness? Awareness of who or at which level they are operating.

In the story of Mahabharat, Bhagavad Gita, Krishna was explaining to Arjuna what he actually is. He showed his full bright form – the form that he originally was; not the body, but what is contained in the body. The full expansion of consciousness, brighter than a million suns – that bright.

Everything has already happened in that brightness. There’s no past, present or future. Past, present and future only work with the body. It’s only in the body.  When you’re sleeping, where are the past, present and future? When you wake up, there is. You need to understand – in 24 hours, we are going through many, many situations, but fortunately or unfortunately, we don’t see them.

When we come to the temple, we come only as a devotee because only if we are empty can Baba fill something into us.

– Mohanji

The moment you start connecting to yourself and start observing, you realize that you are a universe walking and talking. Respect starts. Acceptance starts. Love begins. Then automatically, connection happens. It should never be forced.

You should never force a relationship with any master or any God or anything. It should be spontaneous, knowing fully well which place they operate from. Like Shiva is stillness. What is stillness? He has no place to move. That means the entire universe is filled with Shiva. That means pure energy, simply.

There’s no place where there’s no pure energy. So how can he move? He needs Shakti to move. That means inside him, there’s a movement. Inside us, there’s movement. The prana, the movement of energy, maintains our body. Prana, Apana, Udana, Samana and Vyana. That’s for maintenance. This maintenance is required for the experience because if your body is not maintained, you can’t have experience. But Shiva is not affected. Shiva means supreme consciousness, not the person, not a form.

Detachment means nothing owns you

Supreme consciousness is not affected by living or dying; in no way is it affected. Same with our soul. The soul is not affected by our daily life, our emotions, or our ups and downs. It’s not affected. The soul is always independent. If we understand that, you’ll start connecting to the reality in you, which is the soul. Just like I said – electricity – when it goes to the light bulb or goes to the fan or goes to the refrigerator, it doesn’t care.

You’ll reach a state where detachment takes place. Detachment simply means nothing owns you, not that you don’t own anything. Detachment is nothing, like your position, possessions, what you have, or your relations do not bind you, own you- then you are free. That’s detachment.

That’s our state, the state of the soul. Once we understand that, then we realize, “Hey, look here, I’m extremely powerful.” It’s a realization. It’s not just a theory. You have no boundaries, and Baba is a living example. Baba left the body 100 years ago. Today, He’s working in every corner of the earth, giving results. It’s possible.


What’s the best you can ask him? Your consciousness – let me experience your consciousness. That’s the best prayer. “Thank you, Baba, for bringing me here. Let me also experience who you are, what you are.” In other words, your consciousness. That’s omnipresence – everywhere. You’re not bound by the body.

You’re never bound. Only if you are bound do you need liberation. No binding. There’s no need for liberation. You are liberated. Any more questions?

Kali-yuga, adharma and dharma

Question: You spoke about right things and righteousness. We try to help people, and what should be done?

Mohanji: In this Kali-yuga, you can expect adharma. People may not respect you. People may accuse you. All these things are possible. Your intention might be very pure, but people may not take it. What you need is extraordinary acceptance. That’s the Saburi (patience) part.

The Saburi part is that you understand that karma takes over. See, if somebody hurts you, harms you and tries to scandalize you, etc., if you sit quiet, if you are watching it, after a while, you can see them coming and falling at your feet.

Zen monk’s story

There’s a zen story corresponding to that. The zen monk, a Buddhist monk, was living in a particular village, and everybody used to respect him. One girl in the village became pregnant. They didn’t know who the father was, and she didn’t even tell. They asked her, and she said, “This monk is the father.” Then they brought this girl to the monk. First of all, they abused him, beat him up, and then left the girl with the monk. They even broke his ashram.

The girl stayed there, delivered the baby, and the monk looked after the baby. He didn’t say anything. He didn’t say yes, nor did he say no. He didn’t try to prove anything. After a while, about a couple of years later, the man who was responsible for this baby came. He said, “I got afraid when this happened, so I ran away. But now I would like to bring them to my place.” So, the monk said, “Yes, please. No problem”. Then the people realized that the monk was completely innocent.

Many times, when we try to reason, when we try to speak, we’ll fall short because society expects us to answer everything. I always believe silence is sometimes very powerful.

Secondly, always expect that there could be some way somebody will point a finger. That’s because of the frequency gap. Many people may not understand the frequency you operate from. That’s why Baba was taken to court because Baba was an avatar. He was a very powerful master, whom we know very well.

But he was accused of various things when he was in the body. Society is like that. Society may not understand, and after their death, they’ll say this was a great master. This we have always seen. What you need to do is that when things are happening – number one is selflessness. Second – don’t try to prove to others. Just do your job.

Now if somebody appreciates, no problem. Put it as flowers at Baba’s feet. Somebody criticizes you – that are also flowers at Baba’s feet so that you always remain like your soul, neutral. If you practice that, it’s an attitude. If you practice that, hardly anything hits you. It’s all happening around us. We can’t stop it. But it doesn’t affect you.

One of the root causes of disappointment is expectation. If expectations are controlled or regulated, disappointments are also less, but we cannot say people will appreciate us because people are minds. Minds are giving opinions. Opinions are notrelated to truth. It’s related to the relative truth.


Many people give opinions. You can see the world is full of opinions. You just look at TV channels – opinions. We can never believe their truth. What we can do in this whole thing is allow it to flow, and the truth will shine forth eventually. This is in Kali-yuga, but in other yugas, it’s a different story.

That’s why Ram went and attacked Ravan. That’s a different story. There were severe tactics to preserve dharma. But in Kali-yuga, because adharma is ruling, corruption is accepted, and violence is accepted. Even if you look at the feature films, the hero is very violent, but we appreciate him. He kills a lot of people, but we consider him a great hero. So, our whole thing is twisted in a way. Somebody who is practising ahimsa might not be accepted.

Secondly – many things which are legal are not moral or ethical. Example – torturing animals in the laboratories. Monkeys, primates and animals are heavily tortured in laboratories, but it’s legal but not ethical because they don’t deserve to be in the laboratories. They deserve to have a good life, like us.

Various things you can see are legal but not ethical or moral. We need to understand the tapestry. If you say, “Okay, this is how it’s happening.” How can you position yourself? – 100 % on truth, do what is right.

Stay on the truth. This truth only you may know. You may not understand, or you may not be able to express the truth to other people. Otherwise, everybody will know everything, right? We are only assuming most things. Many times, we don’t know the truth. We believe the words of the press and other people.

What you can do – be right. That means your conscience is right. Your conscience isn’t affected. If your conscience is not affected, you are right. If your conscience is compromised, then it’s not right. This is the best we can do at this time – being realistic, not pessimistic or optimistic. Thank you. Any other questions? Yes, please.

Inflated ego

Question: Can you speak about ego?

Mohanji: Ego is the skeleton of your personality. It gives you a structure. For example – somebody asks you who you are – you’ll say your name, who you are in society, and who you are in the family. That’s all connected to ego, which isn’t a bad thing. However, pride is a bad thing; arrogance, connected to position, possession, and relations, is a bad thing because that’s an inflated ego.

Everything lean is okay. We are consuming on three levels. Food is for the body, emotions for the mind, and information for the intellect. We are always consuming full time. In this whole thing, all you can be is to be grounded. The first thing is that you have boundaries. There’s a point of birth and a point of death. You cannot change it. This has to happen.

While living in this world, how best you can use this time in the most potential way means being kind, being compassionate, that kind of stuff. That what may expand you is the right thing for you. What makes you contracted isn’t good for you.


You don’t have to worry about ego. That’s structure. It’s part of the system, the skeleton of your personality, but arrogance, pride – these things are dangerous because they bind you. For example, as I told you – when you come to a Sai temple, always come as a devotee. Never come as what you are in the outside world.

Not only Baba, any guru, any God, any place you go – go as a simple devotee with that attitude. What happens – why do we prostrate? We do prostration, right? We are putting the head at the same level as the heart. That means nullifying your potential for ego. Ego means inflated ego. Then what happens – usually, all the idols are prana pratishthas. The transmission from a prana prathistha to a devotee is between 8 seconds to 40 seconds.

If you go to Tirupati, it’s in eight seconds; that powerful. But in some places, you’ve to sit and meditate. There are different natures of prana pratishthas. When you prostrate, your head is towards the feet of the idol. What happens is that your entire system gets energized. If you stand up, it’s only some part. When we have the attitude of surrender, we get filled up. But we usually go to temples asking for something. We don’t have time to surrender.

You should go to a temple to feel, to be rejuvenated. Our places of worship are not just places of worship but places of rejuvenation and activation. Even enlightenment happened to people in Shirdi many years after Baba left the body.

How was that possible? He’s alive and active; He’s delivering. What can we do best? Okay, you need the identity; otherwise, people ask you, “Who are you?” If you say, “I don’t know who I am,” it’s a problem. You need the identity, but not an inflated identity. If you overeat, you become obese. If you overlearn, you become obese. If you overemphasize your possessions, you become obese.

That overemphasis on possessions is controlled by ego. That’s the inflated ego. If you say, “I have a house with 24 bedrooms,” and you’re telling everybody, then it’s an inflated ego because you need appreciation for your investment. That’s why you are talking; otherwise, you don’t care. You can use whatever is given to you and be peaceful about it. When we need to prove ourselves, that’s when our ego becomes inflated. Otherwise, the ego doesn’t become inflated. As a material, as a structure, it’s okay.

Introduction or ego?

Question: Hello, Swamiji. Sometimes we give an introduction, where we introduce ourselves and say various things. Where’s the ego part in that introduction? When you introduce yourself, there’s always some element of ego in that. How can we know if this is ego or if it’s simply an introduction?

Mohanji: That’s correct. But what faculty analyzes this? That’s the mind faculty. The waking state mind faculty is analyzing what’s ego, how much is ego, what’s now talking, and what part of me? Whenever we analyze, we stop in time. Life is happening at every point in time. When we sit down and analyze, we are stuck in the past. What’s necessary is acceptance.

“I have an ego, okay.” Accepted – you are not watering it. When you are not nurturing it or watering it, it dies by itself. Whatever you energize, whatever you analyze, stays strong. This is our system. It’s always like that. We have the good, the bad and the ugly in us, right? We are always a mixture; satva, rajas, tamas – play of the gunas. We are always like that. We should never analyze any of these.


Instead, if at all you feel egoistic – like raja (king) Harishchandra when he used to deliver, he always used to look at the feet of the receiver because he didn’t want to feel that he was giving it as a king. So, he always looked at the feet and gave to the people.

We can practice these kinds of things, which will nullify our ego. One of the main things is when we get up, we affirm a complete nullification of the ego because we are not taking ownership of it. “Whatever I am, organs of action, organs of perception, whatever I am in society, whatever way people perceive me – I leave it at your feet. I’m just a tourist here.” That’s complete nullification of ego. That’s a very powerful thing.

In the night, we also nullify – to Shiva, the Lord of dissolution. Dissolution means you are dissolving whatever you are at the time of sleeping. You don’t exist until you wake up. That’s given at the feet of Shiva.

This is usually the pattern or the method with which we always remain empty. But instead, what did we do? It’s better not to analyze because then the problem is regretshappen. Guilt happens. When that’s heavy, when that’s more, it’s heavy. When regrets and guilt are heavy, that’s gravitational. It pulls you down to this place. To fulfil that, you may have to come back. Repeated births happen.

Regrets, guilt, and past – they should be left in their places. We can commit mistakes. What can we do when we make mistakes? Sort it out in time. If you’ve abused somebody or unintentionally hurt somebody, you can say, “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean it.” Then it’s nullified. That way, we can always overcome it. I hope the answer is given.

Question: How can we say that we’ll take a human birth next life? There are so many possibilities, animals and so on. How do we know if we’ll take a human life, not an animal life?

Mohanji: Usually, there’s no guarantee. But usually, it’s human life. That’s because all our desires are connected to relationships. But please remember – even if a cat or dog comes into your family, you have a soul relationship. Otherwise, they don’t come into your family. Every being associated with you, giving you some kind of experience, is related, soul-wise. A person who’s extremely carnivorous there’s a very high chance may become a tiger. His whole life, he has been carnivorous.

But these things are possible. There’s a proverb saying that “If you sleep all the time, you’ll be born as a python.” He sleeps most of the time. These are more like a possibility, but usually, it doesn’t happen because our whole desire pattern is connected to a particular mode on earth as a human. Only those things can be fulfilled through the human body – so it’s a very, very limited chance. Let’s say, five per cent to ten per cent, the chance of having that possibility.

Every being associated with you, giving you some kind of experience, is related, soul-wise.

– Mohanji

Generally, it’s human birth. Also, in human birth, we have many categories. There’s Darwin’s theory of evolutionary birth. We’ve gone through various bodies and become human beings. Then, there are many beings who wanted to experience a karmic existence on earth. They are not from the earth. They came here, visited and were fascinated by the karmic existence.

That means in a body controlled by karma, how do they live – it’s a fascination. So, they take birth. There are beings like that,butyou can see them distinctly in society. They usually will be dharmic-oriented. They’ll not hurt anybody, or they avoid calamities. They are generally good people because they’ve come from somewhere else. Such beings are there.

Then there are avatars – completely dharmic birth. They take birth only for a purpose. They don’t take birth otherwise. There are various combinations and denominations. You can never say this is how it’ll be. Every possibility is there. Thank you.

Pranas, high frequency, body experiences

Question: I have a very high frequency in my head, and I wonder if you know what that is.

Mohanji: It’s the upward movement of your prana. We have five pranas – prana, apana, udana, vyana and samana, which are maintaining the body. If the movement of the prana is strong, you feel that elevation, that feeling of vibration. This is also connected to kundalini – the shakti, the energy, the power side or power aspect of us.

They are all interconnected. This is connected to the ether aspect. Ether is the energy aspect, which travels through nadis (channels through which energies such as prana) in our system; 72,000 nadis connected to here (pointing on the head) are controlling or regulating our entire operation.

In that mode, various fluctuations can happen in the human body while you are practising something. Sometimes you may not know why it’s happening in this life because all the practices you did were probably in another life. You started where you stopped. We may not know. “I didn’t do anything important, but I’m like this.” That can happen.

Question: I feel it almost all the time. What can I do?

Mohanji: We’ll see what we can do.

Question: One last question.

Mohanji: Yes, please.

Living guru vs guru who left the physical body

Question:We believe in Baba, and we believe he’s still there, but of course, not in his physical form. What’s the main difference between a living guru like yourself and Baba?

Mohanji:  Well, first of all, belief is something which we don’t know much about, or it’s an assumption, but the truth is, Baba is there. How can we be so sure that Baba is there? He’s giving experiences. Baba was talking; actually, Baba never even had to take birth. He didn’t take birth to eat food or sleep or do something, but he came for all of us to have a point of contact through which we can connect to consciousness.

Question: What was the inspiration? Like, I know that you always have Baba beside you. There must be an inspiration. Would you like to share that inspiration? We are all connected to Baba in some way.  What’s your inner connection if you could share that?

Mohanji: I feel it’s soul to soul. This body will die someday. What’ll I do with this body? It’s for the time I have a body. Even when I don’t have a body, Baba will be there. Secondly, my connection to Baba, I’m sure you’ve probably seen in the videos. There are various experiences, all personal experiences.

My connection to Baba is almost like he works through me. I feel so, but I don’t say this because people will say, “Oh, he is trying to become Baba.” Nobody can become Baba. Nobody needs to become another.

People had asked me, “Who were you when Baba was in the body?” I say, “I don’t know.” Why should I be somebody? These are all ego trips. You’ve got to prove that I was somebody with Baba in the past. I think that this body is good enough, but why do I always keep Baba? As an example. Number one is humility. Such a powerful master behaved like a nobody in the world. This is a good reminder.

Whenever this ego enters, it goes out. I don’t allow it to enter. Please understand one thing – in front of Baba, there’s no difference between people. He can work through many people. When I had communion with him, I spoke to him, and he said, “I work through hundreds of people to reach hundreds of people.” So, nobody is special. I’m not special. I’m definitely not special. I know this very well.

My connection with Baba is almost like he works through me. It’s a soul to soul connection.

– Mohanji

The head is right here, and the feet are also right here. There’s nothing to be special, an ego thing, as we discussed now. Because we want to feel that we are somebody better than other people, it’s not so. Not at all.

There’s a Shirdi temple in my hometown. Every year, my program starts from there. I leave that space before anything else is fixed. That’s because Baba is like kul devata (family deity). Whatever I consume, I offer to Him. It’s like a family, grandfather or something like that. But this is one thing which everybody should remember. Nobody is higher or lower. Nobody is more special than another. I have zero specialities. This I’m talking with conviction. Thank you.

I can conclude now. I somehow managed this; I think it’s only Baba’s grace because just a short while ago, we were saying, I don’t know whether I can speak, fits of cough were happening. But thanks to Baba, I surrender completely to Him. He made me speak, and thank you for listening. Thank you for being here. We are united in love.

Transcribed by Nada Raković
Edited by Eric Elbers

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