What are Parallel realities?

What are parallel realities? | Mohanji

Parallel realities

The first question is about parallel realities. As I told you earlier, life is all about frequencies. For example, sometimes you feel you know something, and that happens, or something comes to your mind, and that reality happens in the future. How did you get this information? You have access to another reality, which already has this information. You brought it into this dimension, translated it, understood, and you experienced it later. 

This dimension which we experience with the body is one of the grossest dimensions. Even if you take eight billion people on earth, each person has a level of frequency and a dimension of operation. Those who are angry, waging wars, destroying things, and trying to harm people, are all probably the grossest possible on earth. On the other side, the people who want to help people, to give more life to people, you know, raise them up from bad emotions, feelings and stuff – this is one of the subtlest dimensions of operation.

Then there are these masters who have defied death; they die at will, the Nath gurus and those masters. They even control death. Control means they are not operating on the basis of karma. They decide to take birth, they live as long as they like, and then they leave. These kinds of masters have nothing to do with any of the activities of the earth – various dimensions. 

Parallel existences

Here itself, if you look closely, you can see parallel existences. That means dimensional differences. Likewise, there are parallel existences beyond the earth but within the milky way within the sun’s empire. There are beings, like planets and beings existing on planets, whom we cannot see with our naked eyes. 

The 14 worlds which the scriptures talk about – these 14 worlds are 14 dimensions. The 18 chakras people talk about on the top of their heads is the opportunity or the potential for you to connect to various dimensions. It’s like a palm tree, you know. It goes further and further. So, once you reach the 18th, that means you are in total consciousness, and you’re connected with any zone you want. 

Please understand when you reach a level of frequency through your chanting and meditation, sometimes the messages conveyed to you or the connection you get with a master may not be from the earth. Don’t think that they are masters who lived and died. They may not be from the earth at all. They could be anybody with who you have a frequency match. 

Technically, anybody can give you information or an experience if your frequency tunes into that person. All you have to do is raise your energy and frequency. The easiest way is chanting. The not-so-easy way is dimensional destruction. Through chanting, you’re increasing your frequency. Dimensional destruction is contemplation. 

You’re asking yourself, “Am I this personality? No. Am I this anger? No. Am I this emotion? No.” This is a constant exercise. You’re always asking yourself, “I’m getting angry. Am I getting angry? Or is this personality getting angry?” Then you say, “Oh, this personality is getting angry; I am not angry.” Like that, you detach and detach, and you increase and increase your power. This is a process, but it’s worth it. It’s not easy. But this is not meditation. This is contemplation, manana.

Dimensional destruction or contemplation

For dimensional destruction, the first question is, “Why am I?” The last question is, “Why am I?” There’s only one question. The moment you ask, “Why am I Mohanji? Why am I this personality? Why should I be this?” That’s the beginning. When you keep asking this question, “Why should I be arrested to one personality?” the shell starts breaking.

In Mexican-Indian philosophy, if you have read, there are certain places where they talk about how the master came as a cat or the master came as a dog. This is the same thing. The master said, “Today I am a cat”, and he walked in as a cat. The students didn’t understand what this cat was doing here. It was him. He was demonstrating dimensional destruction. He said, “Today, I am a cat. Today I am a dog. Today I am a leaf.”

Parallel realities

Every place, he displays this power. In every location, in every level, every aspect, in every form, he is displaying power. That means any form does not bind him; he is pure consciousness. I actually like the Mexican-Indian philosophy even though it’s a bit obscure; it’s not easy to understand. As I was evolving, I understood what they were talking about. 

One thing I remember- this I read in my college days. The student is asking the master, “I would like to see you as a crow”, because the master was asking, “In which form would you like to see me?” 

So, the student says, “I’d like to see you as a crow.” 

Then the master says, “No, not as a crow.” 

The student asked, “Why not? Why can’t you be a crow?” 

He (master) said, “A crow is a bird which has one foot in the astral world and one foot in the terrestrial. So, I’ll become neither here nor there. Then I’ll have to leave the body soon.” 

The crow is the only bird which is bright silver in colour, but our eyes can only see it as black. But it’s bright silver and is directly connected to the world of the ancestors. 

So, this student asked, “Can I go and meet my ancestors? Can I go to my ancestral world?” 

Then he said, “Yes, you can, but you won’t come back.” 

I don’t remember the name of the book, but it has something to do with powers – powers of the eagle or something like that. This is a Mexican-Indian philosophy which is a very interesting thing. Those days, I was too young to understand most of it, but now I realise this is the dimensional destruction they were talking about. You stop being you; then you are everything else. What prevents you from being anything else is your overemphasised personality, and to maintain this personality, you’re working so hard. 

During your waking hours, right from the morning when you wake up (I hope you’ve woken up) until you sleep actually, i.e. people know that you’re sleeping, now you are sleeping, but nobody knows about it. (Laughter from the audience) 

Between this time, after you wake up and when you go to bed, who actually are you serving? What are you serving? Your personality. You’re serving your personality. This personality is very demanding. It tells you certain things which are essential, and it says this is essential for my survival. You’re feeding it all the time. Think about it. This is maintained by your ego. 

The “personality” bubble

Personality is always maintained by the ego. If somebody calls you, “Hey donkey”, what gets affected? The personality is getting affected. You know very well that you’ve not taken the body of a donkey, but the personality gets affected. This is why some people call another person, “You fool, you idiot.” Who will you call an idiot? Who’s not an idiot. 

Somebody who does not understand what an idiot is, will you call him? There’s no use. Everything is hitting your personality. You are struggling to maintain this personality, and you are suffering. If you allow the personality on one side and you become the person, always the person, there’s no suffering. 

Personality is something which you are projecting when you are awake. The person remains the same during waking hours, sleeping hours, and dream hours. But you are not aware during your sleeping and dreaming hours because only when you wake up do you realise that you slept and you dreamt.

In other words, you are the projector, not the feature film. If you don’t exist, there’s no feature film called life. All the comedies, tragedies, drama, action, thrillers – everything you’re projecting in this life. 

Sometimes it’s a horror film; you project it. Just imagine the projector is switched off, and there’s nothing on the screen; think about it. You are continuously projecting something onto the screen, and you believe you are that. That’s when there’s sorrow. This is why we have sorrows. 

Otherwise, you know very well what’s on the screen. There’s drama going on, action, horror, comedy, tragedy; it’s all happening; I’m projecting, and I’m not affected. The projector is never affected by any film. The projector has no interest in any film like the petrol has no interest in your journey. You are not even the projector; you are the electricity that runs the projector. Go inside.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt
Proofread by Yogesh Pandit

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