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Our deadly enemy

Our deadly enemy | Mohanji

Hello, my dear friends. Hope you’re all doing well.

I hope you liked the previous podcast, which I did a few days ago.

Mobile phone – our most unsuspecting enemy

Today, I would like to address something which we even fail to see – a companion of ours who walks with us, and he is our greatest enemy. He’s a thief; he steals from us what money cannot buy – time, and it disturbs our minds. He also creates calamities at home. He takes the focus out of our system. He gives us restlessness, and he imbalances our life quite a lot – our mobile phone.

We don’t even realize that we are addicted to our mobile phones, but that’s the primary cause of marital discords, enmities, disturbances, ADHD kind of ailments and also the lack of focus, which makes our self-esteem so low. Have you ever thought about this? Then it’s true. This is true.

The mobile phone is one of the major reasons for today’s most psychosomatic issues. We are bombarded with information which we don’t need. It creates imbalances in our thought levels, which manifests in our words. Many times, in every household, communication between members of the family is lost because of mobile phones.


Addiction to mobile phones isn’t seen or realized by anyone. The mobile phone is a thief who steals time from us.

– Mohanji

People are addicted to the mobile phone. This is one addiction which nobody sees, nobody recognizes, or nobody even realizes. If you clearly watch your life, you’ll know how much you are addicted to the mobile phone. If there’s no internet connection, we go paranoid. When Facebook went down for a few hours, we had many issues; people were panicking.

So, who’s ruling your life? Who’s taking decisions in your life – the mobile phone. The mobile phone has so much influence in our lives, which has happened in the last ten years or maybe even less, with all the social media, all the things which have come to our life and started influencing us and creating great imbalances.

Fallouts of excessive mobile phone usage

Domestic violence has mobile phones behind it. Many times, psychologists have said that behind domestic violence is impatience caused by mobile phones. Also, apps like play apps and various games and stuff are part of it, but generally, it’s mobile phones.

Dopamine levels are also sometimes determined by the mobile phone connection. Our communication is all through mobile phones, and everything is through the mobile phone. So, it’s kind of creating an island; we are being made an island. We are like islands.

We use mobile phones to communicate, and we are at a safe distance from everything. This is an escape. Even when a function is happening, if you look into the crowd, the spectators, 60% or 80% of people, will still be fiddling with their mobile phones. They’ll not be attentive to a function.

You can see that in every walk of life. In Parliament, when elected members go to the Parliament, many of them are fiddling with their mobile phones while the program is on or while the function is on.

We can see the influence, the negative influence of mobile phones. Everything has to happen now. If a sound comes (ping) – a message sound, that a message has come, immediately restlessness happens in mind. Patience is affected. At every level, the mobile phone is a thief. As I said earlier, it takes away the most precious thing from your life, which money cannot buy. This is called time.


Domestic violence, marital discord, enmities, disturbances and lack of focus are some of the side effects of being addicted to mobile phones.

– Mohanji

So, my friends, I would like you to give some thought to this and see how much of an addict you are to your mobile phone. If you can, what’s the remedy? If you can, be aware of it and stay away from it. You should be able to say, “I’m not available”, and switch off the mobile phone for at least a few hours.

Most of the mothers and fathers talk about children getting addicted to mobile phones, but they ignore the fact that they themselves are addicted. Before you tell your children that it’s not good, you should lead by example; you should practice it yourself.

The coming generation is going more and more virtual. We must be aware of this now. We are moving into an unconscious mode, completely compelled by mobile phones, social media, and various factors of life, which are through electronic media. Many relationships are spoiled by this. Communication is lost by this in the house.

Domestic violence happens because of impatience. Our attention level has gone down, and focus is lost. Eight seconds is the focus now, per activity. Eight seconds – it’s nothing. Earlier, it was 15 minutes or 20 minutes that a person could be attentive. Now it’s eight seconds, the Twitter time.

So, we must understand; we must detach ourselves from this great vice, or it’ll consume us completely. What we lose are relationships, feelings, connections, and various things which actually have value in our life, including time.

Lots of love. I’m always with you.

Thank you for listening to me.

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Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Geetha K.S

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