How to Become a Mohanji’s Disciple?

If you want to be Mohanji’s disciple, you should not exist. There is no guru or disciple. Nobody is perpetually a guru nor perpetually a disciple. You need to understand yourself. The whole journey is reading, understanding, assimilating and dissolving YOU.

How does one become Mohanji’s disciple and a part of the Guru Parampara? Is there an initiation process?

Mohanji: Is this a very well-thought question? You should be careful about whose disciple you wish to be. Why should there be a disciple and a guru? Nobody is perpetually a guru nor perpetually a disciple.

When does one person behave like a guru?  

When another person decides to be a disciple. It doesn’t need any initiation. The moment you feel that you need knowledge, knowledge comes to you through somebody.

What exactly is the guru?  

Somebody who shows you some light.

And who can see? Who is capable of seeing?

One who has eyes: you should at least have the eyes to see.

There are probably many beings in this room apart from what is in the body. Can we see them? But, if you  bring a dog in, the dog will be able to see. Every being has a different capacity of vision. We may not see  many things, but another being will be able to see. Each person has a different capacity. So, when you decide that you are a disciple, automatically another person becomes a guru. It is as simple as that. There is no need for an initiation.

Nisargadatta Maharaj

”How can I be a part of the Nath Tradition? The Tradition, the Parampara?”

He said: “Jump into the river. The river will take you.” There is one decision to make, and that is – to jump into the river. The firm decision is “Whatever happens in the world, I am going ahead in this path.” That is all you need. Then it is the job of  the  guru to provide you.

No guru says: “ Hey you! Come here and do these things.” What was the teaching of Shirdi Sai Baba? He was not teaching hatha yoga every morning. Nevertheless, people around Shirdi Sai Baba were getting everything what they came for. That is the power of the Parampara. The Parampara provides. All you need is eligibility.

What is the eligibility?

Receptivity is eligibility. You need to be receptive. If you go to test or taste, nothing will happen. You will go back and say: “Ok, I had another experience. I saw another person.” That is all. But, if you come surrendered, inner transformation happens. Surrender does not mean physical surrender. Surrender means surrender to the path of spirituality.

What is the path of spirituality?

If you are alive, you are spiritual because spirit sits in you. And when spirit leaves you, you are called a dead body. When your soul is not in the body, you will be called a  dead body. When the soul is inside, there is a spirit. Your relationship with your soul is spirituality. All people are spiritual. All beings are spiritual. There is  none that is not spiritual.

Mohanji quote - Practical Spirituality 2

How can you  really be these terms which we talk about – liberation, spirituality? How do we become really spiritual? How do we feel it?

When your priority is connection with your soul, then you are spiritual. This is exactly what any guru gives you. You have a physical body, physical aspect. You can see in the case of serious  body builders;  they  are very concerned about their body, always looking into the mirror, and assessing  how well their muscles they have developed. They drive much joy through this.  

Then, there are certain people who are very emotional, mind oriented. They get involved in everything emotional. They like watching soap operas on the television. They get involved in the lives of others  and make a mess. These are emotional people. There are intellectual people, who  like knowledge. They like to read books, assimilate ideas and also  vomit it wherever they go. People really hate them because they keep talking knowledge. Besides these,  there  are a group of people who are personality oriented, egocentric. 

If you want to be Mohanji's disciple, you should not exist. There is no guru or disciple. Nobody is perpetually a guru nor perpetually a disciple.You need to understand yourself. The whole journey is reading, understanding, assimilating and dissolving YOU.
If you want to be Mohanji’s disciple, you should not exist. There is no guru or disciple. Nobody is perpetually a guru nor perpetually a disciple. You need to understand yourself. The whole journey is reading, understanding, assimilating and dissolving YOU.

The skeleton of personality is ego.  Just as we have the skeleton which keeps the body in shape, one’s ego keeps the personality in shape. And people recognize you based on your personality. When I say: “I know Sanjay” that means I have seen the physical form and I have experienced this personality. We connect to people based on personality, not the person.

Please, always remember, we project the personality, like a feature film projector projects a feature film on the screen. What we project, people recognize. We may project  romance, horror, drama, comedy, tragedy… We project various things in one lifetime, like a feature film projector. And what we project on the screen is what people see. When people see and say: “I know this person.” They are only saying that they watched the feature film called you. They have never seen the projector.

Have we ever looked at the projector when went to the feature film theater? When you went to see Dungal ( a Hindi feature film), did you see the projector? Nobody saw the projector. Likewise, nobody connects to the projector, we only watch the feature film and  decide that we know the person. The feature film keeps changing on the screen. Likewise, all the personalities keep projecting various aspects or various dimensions at various times because that is what they are.

They are not just one thing, they are everything. When we project this personality, some people are oriented on the personality, like rock stars, film actors, etc. They are oriented on the personality, and this is what people recognize. When you recognize a film actor, when people follow a film actor, this is all because they appreciate the projected personality. So, they try to maintain it. These people are personality oriented.

Mohanji quote - Practicing Positivity 22

There are very few  who understand that the physical, emotional, intellectual and the personality are all projected by the soul. That is why Adi Shankara said: “Nobody is worried about the soul aspect.” Nobody  remembers that there is a soul sitting inside, until the time of death. Not the death of other people, other people’s death is sometimes a relief (laughs); but, when we die, it is a different story. That is the time when we realize that something is leaving. At the time of death, there is a fast rewinding of all the major episodes of this life which you have stored.   

You see all these things you did in this life; you think, “My God, this is it!” and the soul leaves! Thus the rewinding happens and the soul leaves. That is when we realize that this was our life!  We take all the baggage, cabin baggage, and then it is goodbye, no more anything!  We will have to come back again and step into another flight. It goes on in this manner….

Hence, if your priority is your connection with your spirit, you are in the path of the spirituality. Otherwise, we could go to a temple, mosque, or church, begging for something: please give me more money, please give me something materialistic… This is what we do. If you want to be my disciple, you should not exist. Both of us cannot exist. Because you – as an egocentric personality exist, I as an egocentric personality exist; it is like this with 8 billion people in the world…. The moment you stop existing,  I become you, or you become me completely. In that way, when your ego dissolves, you become spiritual.

When you become spiritual, you are everything. There cannot be anything apart from you. Then you also realize that the guru you follow is also inside. Everything is inside, there is nothing outside. What do you see outside? Yourself. There is no guru, no disciple. You don’t need a guru or a disciple. Until then, a guru is a road sign or a mirror, so that you can look at the guru and understand yourself, not the guru. You need to understand yourself. The whole journey is reading, understanding, assimilating and dissolving YOU. Finally, you have to dissolve yourself.  If you exist, I cannot exist. Simple!

So, the initiation happened now. If you have understood what I said, you are initiated (smiles). This is all you need to do.

Transcribed by Stasa Misic

Proof read by Vidya Rajagopalan

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