How do we approach God?

What is God?

That’s a very difficult question in that context. It depends on what you think is God. What is God for you? If God is like a human being who will like you and dislike you, then you have to do accordingly. If God is only love, then you don’t have to prove anything. God loves you anyway.

It depends on how we think about God. God is a presence that has any form, any method, everything. Human beings look at God as another human being, or probably the shape of a human being or form of a human being.

There is a very famous verse in the scriptures; a great master said this: ‘God, I apologize to you. I’m sorry because I put you into a form; I gave you a name, where you always remained everything. I apologize because I tried to make you limited.” If you think God is unlimited energy, it does not need your apologies. It does not need your methods, but you can use any method you like for your connection. You can meditate, you can chant, you can go to any place of worship. This is up to you – what makes you happy, not God happy, because you don’t know whether God is happy or sad.

Happy or sad?

The priest might be happy and sad, but how do you know God is happy or sad? Are you stable? That is God’s happiness. Are you expressing love? That is being one with God. When we are one with that energy, which is completely supreme, powerful, you call it Father, you call it Allah, you call him Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, any name you call, doesn’t matter; or delete all the names also, still it’s okay.

That power from where all things of the universe are sustained doesn’t have time for a very small being like a human being, even lesser than the size of an ant. All we have is a huge ego; otherwise, we are so tiny. If we look at ourselves from outer space, what are we? We are so tiny.


Tiny unit

Do you think that God is really worried about us? Every aspect of the universe, for example, the Earth, is a very small planet in this galaxy. There are many galaxies like this in the universe, many suns, many planets, and many satellites. Everything is there in the universe, and one God, which is existing through all this. And one human being, apart from our huge ego, if you take the ego away, what are we? Or forget about ego; when we are sleeping, what are we? So, about this tiny unit, do you think that God is worried whether you are happy, angry, sad, standing upside down, complaining, criticizing?

Connect with yourself

So, we must understand that we need it; it is all for our sake, our stability, and our connection. We can imagine any form, any shape, any path, any religion, no problem, what suits you is good for you. Don’t even compare because comparison itself is crazy. What do you compare? Everything is okay for somebody. So, accept everything, no problem. But when you are connecting with yourself, if you are feeling the supreme energy all the time as a presence, and you start expressing love, kindness, compassion, you are behaving like God.


God is not judging you, like our own soul, not judging you, criticizing you, just energizing you. Electricity is not worried whether it is used for the light bulb or for your refrigerator. The same electricity, whichever machine you get to operate, it operates. It is completely neutral, completely unconditional. This is the nature of Consciousness. Consciousness plus sleep is what we call sleep. Consciousness plus waking up is what we call waking up.  Consciousness plus goodness, we call goodness. Behind everything is what? Consciousness.

If you know that you are also Consciousness, you will feel no separation. We are one unit in many bodies. Many different bodies, but one unit. And what is uniting us? Love. Not for a purpose, no purpose here, don’t look at purpose. Purpose means conditional love. Take the purpose away. We just love. Love unites us. Love does not need a platform or material; it’s everywhere.

Be yourself

So, to please God, what should you do?  Be yourself totally. And then, you don’t have to put God in a form. That’s why I always say that humanity is the best religion for human beings. If you want to follow Christianity, if you want to follow Islam, if you want to follow Hinduism, this is up to you. But what is good for us is accepting our species, being us, being humans, and expressing humanity.

One of the greatest expressions of humanity is compassion. Compassion! Be compassionate, be loving, be caring, be sharing, then you become really powerful, then you’re really good, really powerful. That’s the best you can do in life because, after a while, we are dead. While we are living, we might as well express the supreme Consciousness.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt
Proofread by Shyama Jeyaseelan

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