Ganesh Chaturthi – Satsang with Mohanji : Part 3 of 3

Ganesh Chaturthi – Satsang | Mohanji

Shiva and Shakti

Question: The Lalita Sahasranama in Sanskrit has a verse which says, ”Tadillataa samaruchih shatchakropari samsthitaa”, meaning that the Divine Mother sits above the six chakras. Ganesha is in the base or mooladhara chakra. Incidentally, we do puja to both mother and son. Can you explain the significance?

Mohanji: There’s one aspect of energy, which is Shiva. Static, complete, full, unmovable, immovable, unfathomable, unknowable – that’s Shiva, spread over the entire universe, infinitely. Pure, static energy of infinite size.

What’s Shakti? The energy that moves. So, if Shakti isn’t there, Shiva cannot speak. Shiva is completely expressionless, fully occupied with pure energy, pure consciousness. Shakti is the moving energy; in other words – spirit. Shakti has many, many aspects. That’s why we have goddesses in many forms – peaceful, powerful, and annihilating.

Shakti is the basis of life, and Kundalini Shakti is the source of the functional pranas – prana, apana, vyana, samana, udana.  You are connected to consciousness by Kundalini Shakti. The Shakti that is tangible and real for you is Kundalini. That’s the Shakti which is in you. Nobody can take it away.

Now we see the expressions of it in various levels – numerous grandhis, chakras, and aadharas (platforms of bindu, bodhini, kailas, naada, kala). Chakras are basically transmitters, transmitting prana into the structure or the whole vibratory level, and they are all existing on the ether level. Shakti also exists on the ether energy plane or level.


Shiva, without Shakti, cannot express. There’s no life without Shakti.  That’s why all the gods and goddesses worship Shakti because supreme consciousness without Shakti is just a blank energy space. There’s no creation. Shakti is all-encompassing and behind the entire place – the vibrations, the frequencies, and the matter. What is Lakshmi? All matter is Lakshmi.

Now Ganesha is not higher or lower in this position. Ganesha sits in mooladhara, the foundation. The foundation is Shiva. What’s the foundation of Shakti? Where’s Shakti sourcing from? From Shiva – pure energy, pure consciousness, infinite. From that comes the energy that moves.

In your body, if the energy doesn’t move, you are a dead body. So, when energy is moving, and it’s transmitted through chakras, we have a thing called life. When it stops moving and stops transmitting, we call it death. Between life and death, this is the only story.

There are five structural pranas, including dhananjaya and koormaka, which cause your body (structural means the foundation of your structure, which includes your physical form, constitution, how you are, etc.). Out of these five, dhananjayaprana also binds your karmic agenda to your system, similar to software.

That’s the destiny part. But who does your body belong to? Your parents. Your lineage – your father’s side, mother’s side. Dhananjaya is the link or key connecting to your lineage on your father’s and mother’s side. That’s why in our tradition, we insist on taking care of our father, mother or grandparents etc., because we have a debt or inheritance connected to it.


Parents are the living representation of our lineage.

– Mohanji

When does the dhananjayaprana leave you? When your body is fully decomposed, when there’s not even a possibility of re-use,dhananjaya prana leaves. That’s why we burn the body 24 hours after death; we cremate the person so that dhananjaya leaves immediately, which in fact, is very good. If the body is kept in the grave, etc., it takes more time.

Now, to your question, Ganesha represents Shiva, the foundation in this aspect. It’s based on foundation because you need to have stability. Your stability is connected to your mooladhara. When mooladhara is unstable, you’ll be unstable in life. People say, “This person is not grounded”. What does that mean? When somebody is not grounded, what does that mean? That he’s unstable and insecure. When mooladhara is stable, you are grounded.

That has nothing to do with Shakti. It doesn’t mean that Shakti is less or more. Without Shakti, you have no life. That’s why we chant sahasranamas (1000 names), do Devi upasanas etc., to activate Shakti, but if we activate Shakti more than necessary, what happens?  We can see some people doing that. When it’s activated more than necessary, it can’t be controlled – over-activation.

Stability is key for a fulfilling life

That’s why some of the people who activate it more than necessary resort to some drugs or something to dilute it because they cannot handle it. You need a lot of maturity to do these things. It’s not a joke. To activate it is easy or thrilling, but to control or regulate it is not easy. We can start a fire, but to contain the fire, we sometimes need the fire force.

Avatars and their ways of working

Question: Krishna said: “When adharma takes place, I happen.” So, if everything is Krishna over all the different yugas (ages), He is the only one who brings about the entire thing. He himself has to come to sort out the adharma created out of Him. Is it that in the perfect program He created, some error creeps in, and He has to come to balance the equations?

Mohanji: First and foremost, Krishna, when he says, “Yadaa yadaa hi dharmasya, glaanir bhavati Bhaarata” (famous Sanskrit verse from Bhagavad Gita meaning, “When there’s a decay of dharma, I appear”), it means that Krishna (as consciousness) is coming in the form of a regulator or equalizer.

But it’s not that Krishna created you. Krishna didn’t create you. Your own unfulfilled desires created you, right? This is how everybody, all of us, are created – by our own unfulfilled desires. When there’s decay in dharma or unrighteousness, there has to be its eradication or wiping out and a restructuring – which happens in life, right? When the crowd or society is tamasic, reeling in laziness, usually there’s a war to tilt them back to life. That’s because of an auto-correction.


But avatars happen when we deserve them. Otherwise, if we are too occupied with the senses, possessions, and ownership, then beings like Hitler happen. He is also a representation. People who annihilate people and ethnic cleansing – that also happens. That’s because we deserved everything. It’s called collective consciousness.

Collective consciousness brings forth avatars. Collective consciousness delivers avatars. So, Krishna says: “When there’s a decay of dharma, I appear.” That’s because so many people cry and call out, “Please, we need redemption. Please help us.”

But when avatars happen, people can’t tolerate them because they don’t follow the usual rules. Either they try to bend the avatars, and when they don’t get bent, they kill them. They assassinate them. If you look at Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, they never had good and smooth lives. There were many tribulations and many difficulties. When Krishna was born, many people tried to kill him, but even as a child, he survived everybody. That’s exactly how it works. It’s not easy.

Shiva and Datta – aspects of supreme consciousness

Question: Can you tell about the vibration difference between Lord Datta and Lord Shiva? I thought Shiva also represented supreme consciousness, as Mohanji said about Datta.

Mohanji: The frequency of Shiva is all frequencies. Shiva is all frequencies. We can’t understand all frequencies, right? Can we? Then we would like everybody in the world. We cannot accept all frequencies. We can understand some frequencies, and we cannot understand other frequencies. This is our limitation.

We cannot understand all frequencies

Datta as a guru happened, representing all frequencies in nature, and came as a mouth to speak. Shiva as a deity is understood as the Shiva linga being the prime form to represent complete consciousness. There’s no other form which is suitable – square, rectangle, round or triangle will not signify it. That’s why all the atomic reservoirs are in that form. It’s the form suitable for containing maximum energy and storing and preserving it. So, it’s not by default that this form happened.

There’s a big meaning behind it. Shiva is the entire consciousness, but Shiva is not representing unless he is Dakshinamurthy. When Dakshinamurthy happened, Shiva came as a guru. Dakshinamurthy was answering questions. People asked question after question, and he kept on answering. He answered for a long time. Then he stopped answering, and everybody looked at him. He kept quiet.

Then they started realizing the depth of silence, the true nature of Shiva – deep silence. What’s silence? The source of all sounds. When sounds stop, what do you get? Silence. Every sound has come out of silence and goes back to silence. Shiva sat quietly. Dakshinamurty sat quiet, and everybody connected to the silence inside. They recognized that this is what we are. Shiva had to stop speaking for people to recognize him.

What does the Datta tradition talk about? If even one person craves redemption or liberation, the tradition will provide a guru. The Dattatreya tradition is so open and all-encompassing. But what’s the difference between the Datta and Shiva? Shiva is the static or still aspect of supreme consciousness. Datta is the guru aspect of supreme consciousness.


Now, Lord Muruga, one of Shiva’s sons, is knowledge incarnate. What does Lord Muruga (Babaji) do? He guides people to full awareness and merger with consciousness. Today you can see so many people are guided by Babaji. Why is he active? Because he’s guiding people, through people, to attain total liberation or the state of Shiva, which is complete stillness, or thesupreme samadhi state. So, all these people have their roles to play.

Datta is supporting materially/terrestrially, as well as spiritually, for balance because He is nature; He is everything. You have your nature; your orientations are your nature. He is nature – the nature of supreme consciousness. When you connect to Datta, your nature shifts to that of supreme consciousness.

Shiva is the supreme god. Vishnu is the supreme god. Shiva and Vishnu are all one. But what’s the difference here? Functionally, there’s a difference. The functional difference is represented by form, the deity. Like Shakti, why are there different forms? Different reasons for operation, but everything has value. There are 33 crore/330 million gods; they all have value. They are all within us in some aspect. The good, the bad, and the negative are all there in us in some aspect. This is approximately the picture.

Question: Is the causal beyond the planes or lokas?

Mohanji: Causal, as far as we are concerned, is the cause of anything – what caused it. Lokas are frequencies; we are frequencies. All things are interconnected; we connect to certain frequencies which match us. Causal is a layer or the current cause of reincarnation or existence. Once we are completely occupied by consciousness, there’s no need for even a cause. There’s nothing – nothing exists, or we are everything.

Question:  Are we nearing the Golden Age (Satya Yuga)?

Mohanji: On earth, all ages are the same. Individually, you can achieve the Golden Age (Satya Yuga), provided that’s your operating frequency. All the yugas are still here – Satya Yuga, Treta yuga, Dvapara Yuga, and Kali Yuga. But most people of this time are Kali Yuga type – oriented to the frequencies which are completely bizarre on earth.

Here adharma is fine; corruption is okay. Ego, pride – it’s all a great thing. So, these are the signs of Kali Yuga, and from here, the entire eight billion people cannot be shifted to Satya Yuga; it’s not possible.

Who can be shifted? Individually, people can raise their awareness to that of Satya Yuga. What frequency you are rising to – that frequency will take you there. So, individually yes; collectively, no.

Elevate yourself

Just look around, and you’ll see – people are not seeing people. People see religions. People are controlled by politics. Religions are guiding politics. Religion, politics, greed, anger, hatred, jealousy, nepotism – all these things are controlling society. In this society, how can there be a complete shift?

One of the fundamental things in Satya Yuga is that you’re born at will (not because of compulsive karma), and you’ll die at will. Is that possible in Kali’s time? How many people can do that? Yes, it’s possible, but only for a small number of people. They can take birth at will and leave at will once they’ve identified themselves. That’s what all the masters are working hard for – so you can connect to yourself, identify yourself, and experience yourself.

The moment you experience yourself, you can shift your dimension so easily. Satya Yuga is happening right now to somebody -not to everybody. Kali Yuga is really, really binding – our comparisons, our competitions, our fear factors bind us.

Also, do you see the connection to somebody (like a guru, for example) who’s in the plane or frequency of Satya Yuga? People think it’s just a choice, “If I have nothing else to do, I’ll see/connect to him or her”. The whole idea of spirituality is like a pastime!

I would say it’s a great discipline. If you want to experience something higher, you’ve got to have tremendous discipline and determination. Nothing else matters. What’s the benefit? Freedom from the mind. That’s a huge benefit. If you want to conquer anything on earth, conquer your mind. What you get is unbelievable freedom.

Discipline and determinination can help you scale heights

But it’s not happening; we are owning. Ownership is a big trap. We are comparing – another trap. So many things are traps. Then we try to go beyond it. It’s a concept, actually; nobody is going beyond it. Then we think, “I’ve understood the Bhagavad Gita. I’ve understood what those masters spoke about. I know Babaji quite well.” We fill all these concepts into our brain, and then sometimes, “I just spoke to Krishna” or “I was speaking to Jesus yesterday.”

You eat a lot of illusions and finally get completely trapped. Then you’re more delusional than anybody else, and the expressions are also likewise because there’s no focus and no clarity. It’s very visible – there’s no inner silence.

We are in a world where the fake looks real, and the real looks fake. Very difficult. That’s why I say, “Trust yourself. Don’t try to trust anybody else. You never know what the other is. Don’t worry about gurus or paths but trust yourself; feel yourself.” Feeling yourself is a very, very good tool which God has given to us. Hunger is a feeling; thirst is a feeling. Your need to sleep is a feeling. This you can trust. Now, when you go deeper, the soul is a feeling.

The soul speaks as feelings. Otherwise, the soul never interferes. It’s like the petrol of your car. When it’s not there, we call it a dead car, like a dead body. All these things are important to know. Once you know, then you are like, “Okay, this is how it is”.

A simple thing I tell you – practising ahimsa. How much purity you gain from that – a great level of purity. No hatred – don’t blame another for your situation. Nobody is responsible. We participate in a situation; then, we blame the other person. All these things have to be put aside completely. We need to connect to ourselves, trust ourselves, accept ourselves, respect ourselves, and love ourselves. Then what comes out – you’ll be eligible for Satya Yuga. Satya Yuga happens within you, individually.


That’s what I explained today: self-acceptance itself can take you forward. Ahimsa is a very powerful thing. Sharing what you have with the world is another thing, so ownership is diluted. Then what happens is an inner shift. That inner shift is very, very powerful.

Also, don’t try to prove it to anybody. Don’t expect that everybody understands what you say. Many people don’t, and that’s okay. Like if a Chinese person comes and speaks and believes that everybody understood what he said, that’s his problem, not ours, right? So exactly like that, we don’t try to prove to anybody. We don’t try to make everybody understand – no need for approval from anybody.

Our stability will become our frequency, and that frequency transmits itself. People will know. People who have eyes to see will see. That’s all you need, right? You don’t need the entire world to see you. What will you do with such a world?

Sometimes people come with a lot of expectations, and you don’t know what to do with that. Beings with huge karma come with a lot of expectations, such as redemption, and you can’t deliver it because there’s a lot of backlog. What would you do? When some people go away, this is also fine because then they are not your responsibility anymore. That’s fine. That’s adding to freedom.

If somebody stays with you or somebody connects to you, then they become your responsibility. If they don’t connect to you, that’s part of freedom. Everything is good. All things are good.

But Satya Yuga is happening right now. Treta Yuga is there, Dvapara Yuga is there, and Kali Yuga is there. Everything is happening simultaneously. This is a very good time! You just have to shift your priorities: what exactly do you want out of life? If it’s just to be pampered and honoured – easy. If it’s just to keep heating up your insecurities, it’s very easy.


To compare, criticize, and judge is very easy, but to connect to consciousness and become God – aham brahmaasmi state, it needs discipline. It’s possible; it needs discipline and determination. Very, very important. If you don’t have these two, what’ll remain is “distraction”. Anyway, one more D will remain – distraction! (laughs)

Karma and witnesshood

Question: I have a question about free will. What’s happening right now to us has to do with praarabdha karma which we’ve brought from the past. What’ll happen from now on will depend on what we do. Are the choices that we make also pre-determined? Many samskaras make us react. If I decide to consciously break that cycle by acting instead of reacting, is that free will also pre-determined?

Mohanji: Free will, in this case, is connected to awareness. At which level are you operating? Usually, we don’t have an awareness when we are into something. We are kind of reacting. But the moment we’re taking a step backwards or on a back foot and we’re looking at it, and we’re kind of responding spontaneously, that means we are alert and aware. These are the two things here. You’re alert, and you’re aware. When you’re constantly being alert and aware, your free will is at work.

But mostly, that’s not the case. Usually, when you look at a normal life, what happens are reactions. Those are connected to your past habits – what you’ve stored inside, your character, and your constitution. But when you are taking a step backwards, or when you’re on a back foot in every situation, and you’re addressing life, not emotionally, but more intellectually, at that time, you’re alert, and you’re aware.

When you’re alert and aware, you’re not accumulating. When does karma happen? When an action, a thought, or a word happens with emotion – ownership with emotion – that becomes karma. That means something to do about it in the future. But if a thing is happening and you are witnessing it, if you’re perfecting a witnesshood in each moment, then karma is not happening. Situations are happening; you’re accepting the effect and the experience of it, and you’re letting go. That way, you’re burying your dead every day.

Witnesshood doesn’t create any karma

They’re all gone. There’s nothing pending, no hangover. But usually, we have nostalgia, “I could’ve done something in the past.” It’s not possible. To have done that thing, you need to take another birth during that time. That time is gone. So, being alert, being aware, or being a witness in your daily actions cannot produce more and more karmic binding.

Individual things happen each day like a bubble, and the bubbles burst each day. They exist standalone, and they die like that. If you’re operating from that level, and also you don’t compare or judge, and don’t have prejudices, you stay clean. That’s a perfect use of free will.

Technically, that choice is also given by yourself. You gave it to yourself; otherwise, that awareness wouldn’t be there. That awareness usually doesn’t come because we are preoccupied with the events of life, the path of destiny.

I wish all of you a great Ganesh Chaturthi and great awareness.

Lots of love.

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Transcribed by Nada Raković
Proofread by Geeta Iyer

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