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EBC kids book launch – interview with Mohanji

EBC kids book launch interview | Mohanji
16th January 2022

Wise words by Mohanji about raising kids

Congratulations to the entire team for putting this together and bringing out this book. It’s amazing. This is a dream come true.

We have to wake up our children to themselves – their whole potential, their whole originality. This is what we’re exactly trying to do here. The whole idea of the Early Birds Club is to realize the highest potential of every child.

We look at children as children, and that’s a big mistake. We have to look at children as potential presidents and prime ministers of our country. We have to look at them as potential leaders. How would you like the world to be in the future? One word would be stability, peace, harmony, and above all, non-violence and selflessness.

We’ve seen more than enough greed, corruption, and so many things which we don’t agree with. So, we need to wake our children up to great stability and great ideas, and they should lead the next world, the world after us, to great heights. That’s the whole idea of Early Birds Club when you have to wake up early and sleep early.

We need to wake our children up to great stability and great ideas

We are grossly in the internet age. I used the word grossly because we are totally addicted to the internet age. We can’t come out of it; it’s addictive. That’s a sign of the times; we are not complaining about it.

But when we try to bring the children up to their own potential, we have to catch them at the most tranquil time of the day. That’s the time when they go to sleep. The whole day they are busy with many things, chasing life, or we are educating them to compete and conquer and compare, which is a big mistake again.

Invaluable teachings for kids

Now, the only time you get with the children is the time when they go to rest. That’s the time when you must inculcate in them the stories of people who wanted nothing from Earth, who gave everything they had to the world. They wanted nothing. They were self-sufficient. They were bright. They had a vision, and they contributed. They gave themselves to the world.

The highest and the most authentic you can give to this world is yourself. Everything else you’ve gained from here. You don’t have it permanently, but you are your biggest contribution to the world. We need to bring children up to that level.

There’s no religion, no cast; there’s no country, no barriers when you’re asleep. When you are sleeping, there are no divisions or barriers. We need to wake them up to this idea that there’s nothing to compare, nobody to compete with. There’s a huge world out there waiting for them to take it forward, take it further.


The highest and the most authentic you can give to this world is yourself.

– Mohanji

Early Birds Club is not just an organization or an association. It’s a movement. It’s a movement of bringing children to themselves – giving them power, direction, protection, and also a clarity of purpose.

I wish all the team members great clarity and great motivation for bringing our children of this generation who’ll be taking us forward – the next generation, bringing them up with clarity and purpose and stability. When they stop competing, when they stop comparing, and they are balanced within themselves, they’ll create a world out there which is balanced.

Bedtime stories have great value. Here, mothers are the teachers. Mothers are the best teachers. What the mothers speak at the time when they go to bed creates them.

We can teach them Humpty Dumpty fell down, broke the crown, and such insecure stuff, or we can give them stories of great masters, great leaders, and great people who gave themselves and their lives to the world. This is exactly how we need to bring children up to great ideas.

The whole day you don’t get them.  The right time to get them is when they are done with the day and going to bed.

Watch the interview here.

Order the book here.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt
Edited by Yogesh Pandit

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