Mohanji - How to enjoy boring, tedious tasks of life

How to enjoy boring, tedious parts and tasks of life?

Boring tasks of life| Mohanji

Boredom and its remedy

I don’t think anybody in the world would say that washing dishes is a pleasure. Eating is a pleasure, but not washing dishes. But it’s a good question; I’ll give you the answer.

Where’s the tedium or boredom coming from?

The seed of boredom or tedium – there’s an expectation. The expectation is for something new, but the result is something monotonous – the same thing. This is what is creating tedium or boredom.

Leave no room for boredom

There’s a particular mantra in the scriptures. Roughly translated, it says, “Today whenever I am taking a step, let this step be towards you, to the God. Whatever I am eating, let this be your gift to me. Whatever I am saying, let it be your praises. It may not be chanting, but whatever I speak today, let it be like flowers at your feet.”

Likewise, for all the dishes you’re washing, let them be God’s dishes. Does it make a difference? Then it becomes a meditation. It changes the attitude.

But I like your question; you’re very intelligent. Nice question; I really enjoyed it. I like such questions; it should be fun. People ask serious questions like enlightenment. Who wants it? Enlightenment is after washing dishes if we have time. I hope I have given you the answer.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt
Proofread by Yogesh Pandit

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