BE YOU In conversation with Mohanji - part (1)

BE YOU – in Conversation with Mohanji, Part 1

Satsang with Mohanji on 16th February 2022

Good evening or good morning to everyone. Welcome to Satsang with Mohanji.  My name is Suzanne Ponce de Leon and I’m a volunteer for Mohanji Peru. First of all, I would like to thank Mohanji for giving us another amazing opportunity to be in His presence.

Who is Mohanji?

Mohanji is a lover of humanity and believes humanity to be the best religion for humans. He has dedicated his life towards serving the world. He’s the founder of Ammucare/ACT Foundation, Mohanji Foundation, Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga (HSTY), Himalayan School of Traditional Dance (HSTD), Himalayan School of Traditional Languages (HSTL), Martial Arts and the World Consciousness Alliance (WCA).

His Love extends to all beings on earth and he walks the path of Ahimsa, or non-violence in thought, word and action.

A non-conformist by nature, Mohanji avoids putting himself into frames and sees himself as a friend of the world, be it aiding the poor and helpless, empowering those in emotional or mental torment, guiding those seeking personal and spiritual development, caring for birds and animals, or caring for the environment, globally.

He emphasizes purity, faith, unconditional love and selfless service towards fellow beings of all species as the foundation and pillars of a balanced human existence. Mohanji considers the prayer of gratitude as the highest prayer, attracting grace and both inner and outer abundance.

In this opportunity, I would like to invite you to join us in our next interactive online workshop with Mohanji called “Empowered 3.0: Creating Masters”, where you will be able to move towards ultimate mastery of the mind.

Starting on the 26th of February, it will run for nine consecutive days. The Empowered series of workshops are personally designed and delivered by Mohanji to allow people to realize and reach their true potential.

You can find more information in the links that are posted in the chat box or you can go to Mohanji official website

And now, let’s wait for Mohanji…

MOHANJI: Hello! Hola!

Host: Hello Mohanji! Welcome, Mohanji!

MOHANJI: Thank you. Good to be here. How are you doing?

Host: We are fine, we were waiting for you.

MOHANJI: Wonderful, wonderful. This program will have questions and answers, right? I would like to start with a question. I will take more as we proceed.


Ok, thank you, Mohanji. We have some questions that we have received in the past few days.

The first question is:

Q: What does it mean to have a guru?

MOHANJI: Same reason as we need a teacher in a school, or a GPS/navigation while we are driving, or the navigation panel that a ship uses to reach its destination.

We usually have only a partial view of our life. We do not know why certain things happen. Most often, we waste time by searching for the reason for an incident in our life.

There are numerous incidents in our life and many times we are searching for the reason. A reason has to be there for everything in our life. There is a reason for taking birth. There is a specific reason to be born in a particular place, at a particular time, to a particular set of parents. There is a particular reason for every incidence of life: for every meeting, every parting, every experience, there are reasons.

Each of these reasons has its past, present (that is, the experience) and future. Everything, even we have a past, we have a present, and we have a future. These reasons, the reasons that we ask or seek, are always there. They are always there, but we waste a lot of time asking: “Why?”

When there is somebody who has gone through it or who can see more around you – with you – it helps. So it’s not necessary that you have to call that someone a guru. It’s somebody who guides you, somebody who gives you that larger picture. That larger picture will definitely help you, it will give you more awareness, more stability. Or at least if somebody is walking with you and holding your hand, you will be more confident that you will not fall. You will also be confident that you will not deviate from the original path.

This is very important to understand. We should understand that life is not just a unit-based existence. It’s a collaboration. Many people are participating in our life. We know this already, I don’t need to tell you but there are a lot of people participating in our life. We are all coming together, in a particular place or a space for our own experience. Life is a collaborative movement, in which there are parents, brothers and sisters and there are so many different types of people coming to give you different types of experience.

The only income from life is our experiences. There’s no other income.

We think that money is the income. In life, time is the income.

Time is money – not physical money. What is the money of life? Time. Very precious.

We do not have even one breath more than what we originally chose.

It’s almost like taking a Rent-a-Car. You chose to rent a car for a particular time. Then after the time is over, you’ve got to return it back. Likewise, we have chosen a particular time of existence, that is this time. That’s why we are here and we have an expiry date. That is pretty much static. You cannot take it further.

So, if you look at it, everything in life is a collaboration. We are working together with numerous people for our set of experiences.

Experiences are different for different individuals. Imagine there is a buffet on the table. First of all, each person will take the food which he likes or chooses or what he desires to eat. It will not be the same, it may not be the same for all.

Secondly, the capacity or how much someone takes also depends on the individual. Some people may take more food, some people take less food.

Then thirdly, the experience of the food also depends on the current situation of those persons. Situation of that person, for example, if he’s very hungry, he may enjoy more food. If he’s not at all hungry, he may not enjoy that food.

Though in all situations,  everything is 100% individualistic, it is also totally on the collaborative level, with various spaces, various people, and various situations. Life is like that. And if there are people amongst us who have walked this path before, or who have recognized certain realities, and if they guide us – it helps us.

So, you don’t have to really consider or think “guru-and-disciple”, not in strict terms. It’s more like a guide, a helping hand, support for our journey. Clear?

Q: How do we clean or undo our patterns?

MOHANJI: First of all, we need to recognize the pattern.

How do we overcome a disease/ illness/ sickness? What does a doctor do in the beginning? Diagnosis – understand what exactly the problem is with the body and the situation. Or if it is mind related – what exactly is happening in the mind and why it is happening? What is the cause?

So first of all, understand we are a bundle of patterns. There are no people on earth, there are only expressions of patterns through bodies called people.

We are all bundles of patterns. Life after life, we came back in different bodies to experience almost similar patterns. Almost. I will never say 100% because time changes, space changes, birth changes and desires also can change. But mostly, inclinations and tendencies are connected to patterns.

First and foremost is to recognize those patterns. Some things are repeatedly happening in our life. Look at them. But then again, what happens is that most of the time, we do not accept the patterns.

We’ve got to accept patterns: “This is existing, I have these patterns.”

And if you do not accept patterns, what you will do instead is – resist patterns.

When you resist patterns, what happens? They become stronger.

It’s like you go to the gym and you work out, you push certain things, you pull certain things, you are pedalling a bicycle… All this is to strengthen your muscles. Similarly, when you resist something… like in the gym, it’s all resistance practice, right? When we pull something or push something, we are fighting against resistance to develop our body.

Similarly, when we resist patterns, those patterns become stronger.

Acceptance and surrender are very much needed. The first is diagnosis. Understand there are patterns.

We are all bundles of patterns. Nobody is better. I am the same as you and all of us are bundles of patterns. We are actually experiencing the play of patterns all our life. Nobody is immune to it. We are only experiencing the play of patterns all our life.

We are not able to come out of it. That’s why we keep coming back.

The more we resist, the stronger the patterns become.

Patterns are not just one thing. They are a combination of many things: some of them appear as our vasanas (inclinations), some of them are desires, some of them appear as our character, our constitution, even our body shape. Some of them come as the place where we are born, in which circumstances we are born, what the circumstances are throughout our life, all through the time we live.

All of these are coming out of patterns. So, we need to know that patterns are not just one thing but a mixture of so many things.

Fears are connected to patterns. Love is connected to patterns. The ability to love is connected to patterns. Many people do not have the ability to love, even if somebody loves them or even if they receive love. Many people do not know how to handle love.

Patterns control us

Many people reject love, because the pattern is such that they don’t have the capacity. Not that individuals do not have capacity. All of us have the same capacity, but patterns control those capacities.

Patterns control everything.

We sometimes do not understand that we have tremendous capacities, which can make us connect to Supreme Consciousness. Human birth is an amazing birth. This is the only birth which helps a species like us, to connect to supreme consciousness. We can experience Supreme Consciousness. This is the beauty of this birth. Not only to eat, drink, sleep, or experience things of the world. That’s part of it; that’s also part of our reason for birth – but connecting to the highest potential in one lifetime, that’s our real purpose. The real cause.

This is eclipsed by patterns.

The highest potential of human birth is to be one with God. One with Supreme Consciousness, one with Supreme Energy that continuously sustains the Universe.

Everything that’s born has an expiry date. Everything that’s born has to die.

So, what is unborn and what will never be dead? If we are not born, then how will we die?

That Consciousness is available to be experienced: the God Consciousness, Christ Consciousness. This is exactly what we are talking about.

We have that potential: human beings have that capacity.

We have that potential, and that potential is completely eclipsed or hidden because of our patterns, our likes and dislikes, our fears, our prejudices.

Many factors of our life are all rooted in patterns. How do you overcome patterns?

First of all – understanding that there are patterns.

Secondly – accepting there are patterns.

Thirdly – witnessing the patterns, but not interfering.

If you are not affected by patterns, you will come out of them.

If you are always affected by patterns, you will resist them and you will maintain them.

It’s important not to be affected by patterns through acceptance.

Fundamentally, accept yourself.  Accept your life, accept all situations of your life.

Because all situations have provided only one thing for you – experiences.

What’s your bank balance of life? Memories.

You have the choice to have great memories from every experience. Some of the experiences might be traumatic; some are very pleasant. Both are experiences. Don’t discriminate against them.

Everything that has come to you has strengthened you, given you understanding, given you certain stability and also will go. Whatever has come will go. Nothing stays forever. Even this shall pass.

So, understand this very clearly, so that you can always watch and witness the pattern and have nothing to do with it. They come, they stay, and they go.

Past, present, future. This is exactly how time works in terrestrial life. It is on a linear level. It’s a flow: yesterday, today, tomorrow. Like that it goes.

But experience is connected only to the present.

We cannot have an experience in the past, because during that time we had another experience. It’s finished. We cannot have an experience in the future as yet, because tomorrow has not happened today. It will come tomorrow. 

Experience is strictly connected to the present time. While you are experiencing, if your mind is not there, you will not experience it. The presence of the mind is very important. The mind gives you that particular flavour for your experience, and it is individualistic. Each person experiences each situation differently. Because it’s based on your mind, your moods and your situations. This is exactly how it is.

Patterns can be dissolved, provided you have recognized them (diagnosis) and you have accepted them. Then you allow them to come, allow them to go.

While you have always watched all your life from a witness mode, like as if you’re watching a feature film on the screen. You are not acting, you’re not participating, but you are experiencing.

Why do you go to movie theatres? To experience feature films, knowing fully well that it is not affecting you, because you’re not a participant.

You’re not a participant. You are a witness. Similarly, if you are able to witness your life, it will give you a similar effect. Life will come, experiences will come, experiences will go, and you will always remain stable.

People come to your life to give you experiences. Situations come into your life to give you experiences. Everything comes to you, or you meet everything for the sake of experiences. That’s it. If you reject it, you will lose it. Experience will happen, but if you reject the experience, you will lose it.

This is important to understand. Do not resist. Accept, and keep moving forward.

Q: What attitude should I have when somebody does not accept me or when somebody does not accept me as I am?

MOHANJI: Our only choice in life is self-acceptance. That means we can never, ever guarantee that the whole world will accept us. We cannot even expect so. How can the whole world accept us? Because every part, or every aspect of the world is different in frequency.

Everything about life is of different frequencies.  Each individual is of different frequency.

So imagine your television in your house. How many pictures or what picture comes to the screen depends on whether the frequency of the transmission matches your television. Correct?

There is no guarantee that my frequency will match everybody’s frequency. Nor any guarantee that everybody’s frequency can be recognized or accepted by us.

So many people will like you. So many people may not like you. Both are okay. This is how the world is. Everybody may not like us, and everybody may not dislike us. 

What do we need? This understanding is needed: do we like ourselves?

This you can change.

If you do not like yourself, if you’re criticizing yourself, if you’re judging yourself, if you’re comparing yourself with other people, if you’re competing with other people, if you’re imitating other people, those things we can change.

There is nothing to compete with. There is nothing to compare. Because no two people are the same. All are different. There’s nothing to compare, nothing to compete, nothing to imitate, because we are unique.

All we have to do is to express our uniqueness in this world. And some people will accept it. Some people will love it. Some people will hate it, but what can we do?

We can only project our frequency to this world. This is what we are doing. We are only expressing what we are in this world. Not what the world needs.

If what we are is what the world needs, then we call it a successful life. If what we are the world does not need, we call it a failure.

But again, success and failure are relative terms. If you have watched history, many people who have been called a failure in their lifetimes, were honoured and revered and also became great examples or inspirations after their death.

That means, sometimes, what we are may not be suitable to the current, contemporary generation. But they might be suitable for future generations. If you look at every master in the world – not even spiritual, but anybody who has set trends, like Leonardo da Vinci or any of those past scientists, creators and philosophers – many of them were not accepted while they were alive.

Your authenticity is your contribution to the world.

But they were accepted and respected after their death. That means their names have transcended centuries. That means all they did was remain authentic. What is your authentic self? What you exactly are. You should dare to express that.

Don’t ever worry whether society accepts you while you’re alive, because your authenticity may transcend time, you may go beyond time. Authenticity always transcends time. This is exactly why I always say: BE YOU, totally you. It’s worth it.

The moment you start imitating other people, the moment you start comparing, competing, you will have sorrows and compromise your authenticity.

When you compromise your authenticity, you become another brick on the wall. You become insignificant, invisible. There are millions of people in the world; nobody knows them. There are 8 billion people out there. How many people do you recognize in the world? How many people do you consider as significant in your life? This is the question we must ask.

We should dare to be authentic. That simply means BE what you are, 100%. Be what you are 100% and that’s it. That’s all you need to do in life. Don’t worry about the experiences of life. Don’t worry about what contribution you’re going to give to the world.

Be authentic. That’s your biggest contribution.
Authenticity is your highest contribution in this life.

The mind creates flavours, the mind creates effects, and the mind creates so many things in people’s lives. Some people may like you, some people dislike you. Some people accept you. Some people reject you. This is part of life.

But we should remain authentic.

We should have belief in ourselves, self-belief.

We should have self-acceptance, self-respect, self-love.

It doesn’t mean selfishness. Self-love is not selfishness. Self-love is connected to self-respect. We understand and recognize that we are unique beings. We are authentic and we respect our authenticity. That will help us to become complete humans.

While living, we can be complete beings. We can all be authentically complete. That’s your contribution to this world.

We are indeed important. We are significant today.

Because tomorrow, I may not be in my body. How can I communicate with you, without the body? Today I’m talking. My relevance is that I’m talking today. Tomorrow, I don’t know. Somebody else may talk. This is the way life is. There have been many masters in the past. There will be many masters in the future. Today I’m talking. That’s my authenticity. That’s my relevance. This is what I’m supposed to do. This is what everybody, all of us should do.

When we do not speak out at the given point in time, we will have regrets. When you do not act in the given space and the given time, you will have guilt. It’s not important to know the reasons, to analyze etc. But in the given time, given space, be authentic. That’s the only thing you need to do.

I will repeat:

In a given time, in a given space, all you have to do is to be you.

This is very important to understand. And please understand, this time is a time of chaos. We see that, in the world, with the pandemic, in various situations, what we are seeing and experiencing are things which create fear. The time is creating fear in people, this time. The sign of this time is fear.

So what is important? To be fearless is very important.

How can you be fearless?

By accepting yourself, accepting life, you can be fearless.

By resisting, rejecting life, you cannot be fearless.

We have to remain fearless in a turbulent time. Just like if the sea is rough, the captain steers the ship himself – which means taking responsibility.

You’ve got to take responsibility for yourself and your dependents. Authentically. In authenticity, complete authenticity – time is like this, space we have, we are alive today, we are talking, we are expressing.

Read part 2.

Transcribed by Nada Rakovic
Proofread by Geeta Iyer

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