How much should we rely on Astrology and Vastu?

Astrology and Vastu | Mohanji

Selfless astrology doesn’t exploit people’s insecurities

If you’re connecting to an astrologer who’s completely selfless, fully oriented in truth, and who guides you, it’s not bad. I respect astrology. I don’t like the exploitation side. There are so many people sitting to exploit the insecurities of people. But if you happen to find somebody who’s really an amazing, selfless astrologer, it’s nice. It’s nice to know, but again, don’t get addicted.

Vastu (i.e. a dwelling or a house) is very connected to nature – earth, earth’s movements of air, and its climate. It also changes with the nature of the place. Today that’s not the way it’s done – flats and apartments and stuff and very tall buildings; no cross ventilation.

Various factors plus radiation, like electricity, telephone, and the internet – all those radiations; they all affect and create certain situations. Vastu may not have solutions for all that. But I’m not against Vastu; I’m saying that it has relevance.


What’s astrology, first of all? It’s mathematics. It’s maths and maths based on the position of planets and their connection, its correlation to human existence – pure science. Especially Vedic astrology is science.

But how does it become contaminated? When does it become contaminated? It becomes contaminated when profits are added to it. I please you so that I get more money from you. When that happens, science becomes contaminated.

If you’re connecting to an astrologer who’s completely selfless, fully oriented in truth, and guides you, it’s not bad. I respect astrology. But usually, do we get such people? What kind of people are you connecting normally to? They look at you, look at your pocket, and think how much they can extract from there. Such remedies they’ll say – this puja, that puja, another puja. And then finally, when you’re reasonably bankrupt, they’ll say, “now it’s just karma.” Isn’t it?

This kind of astrology, I don’t agree. I don’t like the exploitation side. There are so many people sitting to exploit the insecurities of people, which I don’t think I like. I normally don’t talk about anybody’s future because I’m not an astrologer, nor do I have an interest in predicting the future.

If you happen to find somebody who’s really an amazing, selfless astrologer, it’s nice. It’s nice; good to know. But again, don’t get addicted to it because then what happens is that your insecurity will mount. Is this a good time to step out of the house? Oh, a cat ran this way, and I can’t go today. There are so many superstitions.


When I stepped out, I saw a hair on the way. So, today will not be a good day. And they’ll make sure that the day will not be good. Because already you decided that today nothing will work. Then what happens? It becomes a reality. If it didn’t become a reality, then you have a problem.

These kinds of superstitions I don’t believe in. If your purpose is clear and your heart is pure, keep walking. Why do you care? And you make your life better. There’s always room for creating something. I’m not saying it in the way that there’s no God. That’s not the point here. The point is that of your attitude. If your attitude is positive, things will be positive.

When speaking of connection, I said, like you go to various people and various situations, each person contradicts the other, “Oh, you went to that astrologer. He’s a liar; I tell you the truth.” Then you go to a third one, and he says, “These two are liars; only I am true.” And finally, you have no clue of what’s going on. I’ve seen such people.

Stay in balance with nature for a harmonious life

I’ve seen people consulting Vastu experts, and they say, “Do you know why you don’t get any luck? Because one room in there is not good. That room has to be demolished.” And there are some people who constantly change their house. Each Vastu person will come and say this room is the problem. They change the room. Another room is the problem. Finally, the house will become shapeless. When all this is done, the whole house is shapeless, and they can’t live, so they sell it.

These kinds of superstitions have no value. But it’s a scientifically proven fact that if there’s an electric line going above your house, there’s a high chance of cancer because of the radiation connected to it. 3G, 4G, 5G, etc., are definitely causing cancer and disorientation. It’s more visible in nature.

Birds are dying, and various species are extinct because of 5G. This is the truth. Water is getting contaminated because of the radiation. This is the truth; that’s scientifically proved.

But can we avoid all this in life? We can’t. So, what do we do? Water should be treated and made more alkaline. Those kinds of things we can do. Many times, situations around us cannot be changed. It’s not an individual decision; it’s a collective consciousness that’s contaminating the whole space. What we could individually do is to opt for things which are reasonably suitable so that we can have a good life.


Technically speaking, every house has its impact on people. Do you know what’s fundamentally wrong with any house? Squares and rectangles. Can you change it? All houses are squares and rectangles. How’s our mind usually? It’s everything. Every place, like the whole earth, is ups and downs and squares, rectangles, triangles – all sorts of things. Our orientation, our comfort, and our natural state are that. Your house cannot give it.

We are bound by squares and rectangles, correct? That’s the fundamental issue. There can be squares and rectangles. But, according to Vastu, the air which enters from one place should have a straight exit as well, so there’s a straight passage. That means you’re close to nature. You’re not blocking the natural airflow; this is a perfect order. Likewise, cross ventilation – those kinds of things.

Vastu is very connected to nature, earth, earth’s movements of air, and its climate. It also changes with the nature of the place. Like, in some places, it’s a tropical climate. Some places are very cold; some are rainy – water; they consider all these points. Then they use the wood only of the trees which already had their full life. They don’t just cut any tree. So, there’s no crime; there’s no violence involved.

There are micro details they check. They take permission from the tree before they cut it. They ask, “did you have a full life?” By knocking on them, you realize it. It means they are ripe and old and ready to go. Only those trees they cut. The stones they use they check, and they know that this stone is ready to be used.

At every level, they consider every aspect of existence as fundamental. Today that’s not the way it’s done. Flats and apartments and stuff, and very tall buildings. No cross ventilation the way you build – various factors. Plus, radiation like electricity, telephone, the internet – all those radiations, they all affect and create certain situations.

Vastu may have solutions for all that. But I’m not against Vastu. I’m saying it has relevance. Likewise, when energy is blocked from free movement, it can cause disease. So, people who live there inside may have situations of energy fluctuations. All these are facts.

That’s what I said. Consider if the opinion is not too expensive and manageable; then try. But there’s a karmic link also here. If somebody has this equation to suffer certain ailments, whatever the reason, they’ll reach that place. Srinivasa Ramanujan proved it with his life. You know Srinivasa Ramanujan; you’ve heard of Srinivasa Ramanujan, right?

He was a student. Downstairs, there was one husband, wife, and a small child – a young couple and a child. The child was crying the whole night and Srinivasa Ramanujan, upstairs as a student, knew that child would die because he was unwell. But then, he also realized the child could die only at this place. If he shifts the place, he’ll not die. That means a time and space have to be agreed upon or associated for death or birth or anything to happen, or an incident to happen.

He told the mother of the child, “Take the child to your house; all night, he’s crying.” And when she took the child to the house, it started recovering without medicine. When the environment changed, recovery started. But Srinivasa Ramanujan could not sleep there. He felt like the Goddess was coming with a sword to kill him.


Whether we laugh or cry, whether we are happy or angry, destiny flows uninterrupted.

– Mohanji

Such things were happening, and he couldn’t realize why. He couldn’t understand why it was happening. Then he realized that it was this change he created. There’s karma behind it. Mai-Tri healers know this – Mai-Tri practitioners.

When you do something, there’s also associated karma. So, he called and said, “bring the child back here.” And the child came back, and it died. The child was supposed to die. It had only that much of life, like one year, two years or something, and nobody could change it.

He always said there’s a time and space junction point for every situation. A time, a space, a particular set of people, and then the effect, an experience. This is exactly how it works. We need to understand that if there’s no karma for a particular experience, it won’t happen. What’s the best? It’s best to dilute the karmic side as much as possible. Selfless service. Acceptance first, selfless service, and doing something good for the soul and the lineage.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt
Proofread by Yogesh Pandit

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