Real Wealth-Add Value to the Society, part 1

Real Wealth is in our ability to deliver to earth much more then we derive from earth. We as an incarnation have value in the society.

Zoom satsang with Mohanji

on 27th January 2019

Mohanji at Kumbh Mela 2019
Add value to the society in whichever way you can

Q: Can a person attain liberation if he spends all his time in spiritual practice, but at the same time he is ignoring or not taking care of his family because he is focusing on spiritual practice?

A: Liberation is not something that happens at the time of death. Liberation is not something separate from your everyday life. Life or destiny, is an every moment thing. So whatever needs to be done, whatever is your normal, regular dharma (righteous duty) that summed up is liberation. That means you are attending every aspect of your existence without expectation, with full commitment. Only then, liberation can happen while living, and liberation while leaving is a by-product. That means if your baggage is less, your travel is easier.

Liberation is not something that happens to you if you are selfish, self-centered, or if you are only looking at those aspects which you love to do, not what you have to do. There is a broad classification into what you love to do and what you have to do.

This has to be combined. If what you love to do or what expands you is your urge or hope for liberation, let that be your inspiration. However, that inspiration should reflect in your every moment life. By denying or escaping from something, you will not attain it.

Even when people have left social bindings, e.g. went to the Himalayas and meditated for years on in isolation, even then, they are asked to congregations like Kumbh Mela to spread their spiritual energies which they acquired over a period of isolation in order to attain liberation. So liberation is a process.

It means that you have to be liberated on every level and that also includes dharmic life – not only karmic one. “Dharmic” means to do what you are supposed to, towards your family, society and even the  earth, which you use for your gratification.

It is important that you are focused on one thing such as liberation all the time and do everything that comes your way, all that is just brought into your lap, with deep diligence and full commitment. It can be any activity. Do it with complete focus and full application. That is the only way you can liberate.

In other words, destiny has brought whatever has come to you. Running away or escaping will not solve that matter. It is only postponement. It also means you have to come back to sort it out. So, one might as well finish everything at each point in time, so that he or she is always liberated, at each moment.

Mohanji quote - Human duty

Q: What does it mean to love yourself and what should one do about it?

A:  First of all, you as an incarnation have a value in the society. You are not another common incarnation. You are a great and unique incarnation. All of us are unique incarnations;  all the beings be it human beings or beings of different species, are unique creations. So firstly, it is about appreciating yourself. We appreciate our own existence as a unique creation.

Secondly, it’s important to understand our life. Just look at yourself – there are numerous aspects of you working this moment: you are listening, you are assimilating, your brain is functioning, your heart is functioning, kidneys are functioning, liver is functioning, stomach is functioning… think about any aspect of you, it’s all functioning in synchronicity. That is why you are able to listen to this (speech).

There is synchronisation and coordination in all that is functioning, a perfect equilibrium. Start appreciating that. Start recognising yourself as a conglomeration, YOU, as a complete universe where numerous activities are functioning together to make you, to maintain you. This is the way to start looking at yourself.

Then you will start looking at every being outside in the same way. You will see uniqueness, grandeur ; you will see that all these beings are amazing;  how it is all functioning, how it is all in order, respiration is in order, digestion is in order, how does sleep come to you, how it is all in synchronisation – waking state, dream state, deep sleep state, how we have imaginations, hopes and various emotions coming and going in the canvas of our mind, how we have possessiveness, how we have expectations…

Mohanji quote - Ultimate Happiness

Look at yourself as a universe. If you watch yourself with your full awareness and understanding, you will start truly appreciating yourself. And that will inspire awe in you, “Oh my god, it’s not what I see in the mirror!” It’s much deeper, larger and much more powerful and unique than I have ever seen.

You will start understanding that recognising you, understanding you, accepting you, has been the path, the entire journey and the destination. The moment you appreciate, understand and accept yourself, life flows from there. This understanding is the self-acceptance, the self-appreciation.

Reflection is acceptance of the world, as it is, because we cannot control anybody’s mind, we cannot control anybody’s feelings, emotions, etc. Even if you say or do (acts) with good intention, some people may mistake it as arising out of ill intention, but that’s not your fault. Furthermore, there are numerous events happening around you. Some of them you may like, you may say to yourself, “Oh, this is good and suitable for me,” but for some of them you may say, “This is not good for me.” That is your individualistic opinion.

Like that, we can see there is variety in the world. Nobody is higher, nobody is lower, nobody is good, nobody is bad, nobody is better, nobody is worse – you will see a huge variety of expressions and you will start loving everything, “Oh, this is wonderful.” Everything need not be happy. Because this is the way the world is. It is not necessary that everything around us has to be only happy. There can be happiness, sadness, some will give you a great inspiration, some will drain your inspiration, there is all this variety, you will see everything working in its own way.

And you will start looking at it, “Oh this is happening,” and you will also understand that everything is temporary. Nothing stays. Everything comes, everything goes and you just watch the show just like a feature film. In your own life, you came at one point in time and you will leave at another point in time. In between, all that you possess, all the positions that you acquired or got into, change. Everything changes. Every moment changes. Every day changes. Different emotions, desires, patterns, come into life. Nothing stays. Nobody stays.

Mohanji quote - Success, meaning of

Thus you will have a deeper idea of ownerships. You can’t own anything on earth. You can’t escape from anything. All that came to your lap came; whether you appreciate it or not, whether you accept it or not, they have come. Life has come. Life has happened. This is what it’s about. It’s a continuous flow and you will start loving it as it is, because there is no other way.

When you start appreciating your life, you will start appreciating every life. You will not intend to harm anybody. You wouldn’t want to inflict any wound to anybody. You will not like violence in thoughts, words or actions.

Real wealth is in our ability to deliver to earth much more then we derive from earth. Mohanji

You may have good moods and bad moods – everybody has these, but you will say, “Ok, this is fine,” you’ll let it go and life will move on. The more  you expect from life, the more disappointments can also happen. You will start expecting less, accepting more – life changes. Everything starts with accepting oneself. Look into yourself, appreciate yourself and understand that you are a great conglomeration of various activities.

Each organ has a flavour, a need and a purpose. Everything is about you as you, a complete form. And there is nothing outside of you which you have to really worry about because as you are, that’s how your world is. If you’re happy, your world is good. If you are sad, you will look at everything as not so good, gloomy.

As you are, that’s how your world is. Our world is completely controlled by what is inside us. Keep your inside clean, neat and always appreciate. Have less ego – this includes ownerships, bindings and expectations. Then you will look at life as a fresh child every day.

Mohanji quote - Liberated existence

Q: Could you enlighten us about the meaning of this quote: “All know that a drop merges into the ocean, but few know that the ocean merges into a drop”? Kabir

A: Kabir said that? The drop is a unit separated from the consciousness. All of us are consciousness. The unit inside us expresses as an incarnation. Without the unit, without the consciousness part of us, we are a dead body; we call ourselves a dead body. And the consciousness operates in three levels – waking state, dream state and deep sleep state. This is actually the whole process during 24 hours – consciousness manifests itself in three states.

Then finally when we realise we are the consciousness and not the three states, then we realise that we are eternal and we belong to massive huge ocean of consciousness, we tend to detach from this incarnation aspect, this personality, the location, time, space, possession, position. We start extracting ourselves from it.

That moment the drop becomes isolated from what it was associated with such as the body, mind, intellect, ego. Then you are ready to merge with the full consciousness. Consciousness is always there.

When we accepting ourselves we increase self esteem and the world look at us. With conviction and purpose, we add values to the society, as the world accept and recognise us and our work. We as an incarnation have a value in the society.

The whole consciousness is your natural form. When the drop finally merges into the ocean, then it loses its identification as a separate unit. It becomes the ocean and the ocean becomes the drop. So there will be no separation between the ocean and the drop. And the ocean merges with the drop, it’s almost like the whole ocean contained in the drop.

When someone asked Govindapada, “Who can teach brahmagyan ?”, he said, “Somebody who can contain the entire ocean in his kamandalu (bowl) can teach brahmagyan” That means somebody who can contain the whole consciousness in a drop is eligible to teach about Brahma. Thus, it is mutually supportive.

This is only a reminder that you are a drop separated from the ocean and the ocean is waiting for the drop to come back. Your home is waiting. All the settling down has to happen inside you. What is inside you? The Ocean, your original Mother, your original home is inside you. You are the whole. You always need to be aware that when the ocean finally receives you, when you finally merge with the ocean, all separation ends there.

Mohanji quote - Real freedom

So the need of a separate drop is to come back to its Mother ocean and the Mother ocean also waits for the drop or the child to come back. We are all children of the same consciousness, we are all the same; there is no separation. When do we know this? When you start recognising yourself as fragments, then you start understanding that all these fragments are finally one.

Fragments including our waking state, dream state, deep sleep state, gender differences, time – space differences, colour differences, and so on, are external. Once they are all gone,  you are a drop, just any other drop. Finally it is numerous drops waiting to come back to the ocean, the ocean is ready to receive you, and the ocean is not discriminate. We are all one.

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Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic                                            Proofread by Vidya Rajagopalan

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