April 2022


What causes fears?

Expectations cause fear. We expect certain things to move in certain ways, or we expect our lives to take certain shapes. See, let me tell you, society creates machines. What has society created? A person – a child is born completely pure, completely fresh, open to the world. Then what happens to the child? Education – conditioning starts there. Then a job, then marriage, children, a house, death.  This is what society says is a good life. You know, he’s a great guy; he had his life. What life?
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ACT Now!

MS91 – Act Now | Mohanji Hi everyone. It’s been a while since we spoke. Today, I have a reason for coming to you and making this conversation. I just saw a video where one of the refugees, the displaced of the war, a family and it was their child’s birthday; the daughter of the …

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