February 2022


Mohanji Birthday Satsang 2022 – part 2 of 2

When the world needs something, the world creates it or makes it happen, and somebody becomes an instrument. Apart from that, that’s why I mentioned my birthday. I don’t feel great excitement to celebrate my birthday because I feel that I’m an instrument that the world is using for something. Even the end thing – I don’t know what’ll finally happen. I don’t know, and I don’t really care about that. This is the flow which is happening.
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Mohanji’s Birthday Interview in The Awakening Times

We are all born free. We are freedom incarnate. Any kind of restrictions and bindings, in such matters, do not really work with human beings, nor with any beings. All beings on Earth are born free, and they die free. In the era of a pandemic, or in the era of a restricted atmosphere, people want to break free. All I have said, in this time to people, is just to be themselves. All that I have said is, “Be you 100%; what you are minus your positions, minus your positions, minus your relations, be that thing.”
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