August 2020

Make a difference this Onam - Happy Onam- raise awareness - Mohanji

Make a difference this Onam

There are many families in your neighbourhood who do not have food to eat. If with the grace of divinity, if we have food to eat; it’s our responsibility also to share the food with people who do not have it in our neighbourhood. There are so many situations now, helpless situations which we see in society.
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Declutter your mind

What occupies your mind makes you. If this understanding is clear, you can choose to fill your mind with the right thoughts. In fact, you don’t have control over thoughts, thoughts just happen spontaneously with time. But we can choose to occupy our mind, engage to apply our mind on the positive, regenerative, and rejuvenating matter. Such information will enhance you and enhance the world around you; so that the world reciprocates that back to you
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MS55 In Memory of Ammu - Loss transformed into something positive - Mohanji podcast - raise awareness

In memory of Ammu – Loss transformed into something positive

There are so many children dying in the world; so many people are dying; because we don’t know them, it doesn’t touch us. We need a world where we should care; we should be sincere. We should be sensitive. And death will be there; diseases will be there; old age will be there. It’s all part of existence. But how we can transform that to something positive. This is what makes us.
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Help our neighbours

I am saying this with full gratitude and in appreciation of your love and kindness towards me and other family members who live with me. I fully appreciate, I fully understand your feeling, and I’m filled with gratitude because you’re finding the time and spending money, and energy, to send the gift items which you love to give me and the people here in the house.
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How to feel Sai Baba's presence within - Mohanji- Sai Baba Devotee Speaks You Tube

How to feel Baba’s presence within

If you have taken a life, concentrate on one thing – make sure that you do not come back. You are totally dissolved – body, mind, intellect, ego, spirit – all the memories, all the desires, all the things which probably bind you to earth – dissolve. Total dissolution happens. You become totally still and stable. Then you are Baba. You are connected to Baba. You are Baba. You have nothing to tell the world because when you are totally still and contented, there is nothing to tell the world.
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The-butcher-and-the-boy-a-story-about-compassion- Mohanji Official - YouTube

The Butcher and the Boy

One young boy wrote to me. He was probably in his teens. He was walking towards his school. He found a small lamb tied to a post near the slaughterhouse, waiting to be slaughtered. He felt very bad. He did not know what to do. And when he came near the lamb, the lamb was trying to come to him, even though he was tied to the post. He was trying to come near him with the hope that he would be rescued. The boy went to the butcher. And he told the butcher, “I want to buy this lamb.”
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Greatness is displayed with humility – Ode to 2 Maestros

Hello friends, I hope you have enjoyed the previous podcast. Today, I’m here to talk about two music Maestros who touched my heart, at various points in time. These are two great Masters of music, Indian music, with whom I interacted at different points in time. One is Pandit Jasraj; he left his body yesterday, …

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Practical Steps for Challenging Times – part 1

Satsang with Mohanji   16th August 2020 Question: How to dissolve the barriers of physical identity and see all gurus and masters as one? Mohanji: The usual mind is filled with so many factors, so many different flavours of life; which means that we have been living all these years and we have had various …

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