Collect Yourself into a Unit – part 2

Mohanji Speaks – Zoom satsang on 15th July 2018

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It is important that you connect to yourself and practise being yourself totally; neither what others think about you, nor what you think about others or yourself. It is very important that you completely accept yourself and dissolve within yourself. That makes you one UNIT.

Q: Can you please tell us more about the Atmananda blogs?

Mohanji: We are almost completing the Atmananda blogs; books are going to happen, and the team is working to put this together, so it will be ready for publication very soon. Hopefully by mid-August we should have that book. Atmananda is an Avadhoota and what we are trying to explain through Atmananda, who is a fictional character, is the state of an Avadhoota on earth – somebody who can have anything but needs nothing. Existence in perfect freedom. We all talk about freedom. We look at choices and we say this is our freedom e.g. to have a particular food or not, to be married or not, to have a material or not… This is our freedom we talk about. That is all relative freedom. But existence in perfect freedom is: you need nothing from here, you are ready to give everything possible to the world and not having expectations is your strength. Atmananda depicts extreme supreme qualities of a total renunciate in these blogs coming as a book which will be entitled “The Silence of Shiva”.

Silence of Shiva - stories about an avadhoota Atmananda, written by Mohanji

Q: If we wish to get liberated, can someone else’s attachment to us bring us back?

Mohanji: Liberation is a state within. If you are constantly in that state of liberation, it means you are not too dependent on any material, situation, person, emotion, requirement, pattern, any particular flavour, anything around or anything inside. That becomes what you are. When that happens, nothing outside will affect you.

When you are still exploring yourself, when you are not fully convinced or established in the path of liberation, then everything is conditional. That means a person’s presence, influence, somebody’s emotions… all of these will be processed within. Whatever you process inside, you hold a certain amount inside.

For example, you bring in some materials from the supermarket into the house and you are processing some food inside the house. There will be remnants of the food until you throw it all away. For some time those foods remain in the house, quite often in the refrigerator. Likewise, every emotion, every thing which we gather from outside has a duration of existence within us. A liberated person, or a person who is truly on the path of liberation, will have less storage, less processing inside. It means the level of acceptance will be very high. In that mode, whatever happens outside, you will not be affected. Your mind will be stable, it will not be swaying with emotions, there will be no possessiveness, no possessions. No possessions or positions will affect you. Like that, when a person is completely happy with existence, contented with what they are, nothing outside can affect them deeply or permanently.

Mohanji quote - The seret to peace

It is very important to understand that whatever affects you deeply or permanently, actually affects two aspects within, mind and ego. The mind aspect also includes the intellect aspect (buddhi – intelligence) and ego, the personality aspect. If these are affected, it prevents liberation. Following are some binding factors: “I am so and so, I expect so and so, my positioning in this world is this pattern or a mode, I expect a certain type of appreciation or approval from the world”. Instead, if we are flowing with life, it doesn’t matter if people approve us or not, it doesn’t matter if we approve somebody or not, life goes as it is. In this existence, no one can influence you or prevent you from progressing. The flow which we call life, has liberation INBUILT. All you need is to recognise that aspect of us and nurture it. Look at birds and animals in the nature – only when they are hungry, they search for food, or are occupied with the act of eating. They will not eat because they are bored. Likewise, animals and birds which are not nocturnal, live their life in the morning hours, and slow down at sunset. They then go back to their cages, shelters or nests and take it easy until they wake up the next day at sunrise and then go through the day. They always follow the sun; they are in tune with nature. They do not wonder, “What will I eat tomorrow or are things ok today, is what is provided today good enough?” They just accept life as it comes. There is no anxiety, there is no fear, and there is no expectation. All of this makes a person liberated – we have liberation inbuilt in us. However, human beings have many expectations, fundamentally from us, for ourselves and also for the world. This really violates our existence. That is why we have anxieties, fears, depression… All those things happen because of non-understanding of the liberation aspect within. If you understand that we are liberated by birth, we will not have this problem. We can choose to stay liberated. It doesn’t mean that you will not have relationships. You can have relationships; they sustain and become very effective, if your expectations from them are very low. Likewise, choose to give more than you take, so that you are always in the richness mode. When you are able to give what you have, share what you have, you are rich within. If you are in the richness mode, you are in the liberated mode. So, liberation has various dimensions, which you can explore and express all the time. You don’t even need a guide for it. You just have to look within. This is part of you and this understanding is inevitable in daily life.

Mohanji quote - I am just a reminder

Q: What should be practised every day to stabilise the mind?

Mohanji: Being YOU. You should practise BEING YOURSELF every day. That means: understand the nature that is “you”. Everybody has a nature i.e. what suits you. You have certain qualities, certain dimensions, and a certain composition, and there is no one like you. You are a unique composition. Therefore, it is important that you connect to yourself and practise being yourself totally; neither what others think about you, nor what you think about others or yourself. It is very important that you completely accept yourself and dissolve within yourself. That makes you one UNIT. Not the fragmented you, who is always trying to prove something to somebody. You are always trying to be somebody else through comparisons or approvals. This is diluting us and fragmenting us. Instead, we conglomerate ourselves and settle in ourselves as one UNIT. That means body is here, mind is totally aligned here with this body. Body and mind aligned, intellect is aligned, personality is aligned, and you are a very powerful unit. That should be your daily practice.

Ask yourself these questions, “Why do I get distracted? What do I expect? Why don’t I have relationships sustained?” The answer would always be, “I don’t have a relationship with myself.” My relationship with myself is faulty. I do not value myself. Or, I do not appreciate myself. I do not encourage or experience myself.” You are only looking outside. You are in a false mood of serving others. That’s absolutely not a true thing. You are insufficient or insecure, so you try to serve other people, get approval from other people, and in the bargain you suffer. Instead, we should understand and ponder, “Am I appreciating myself? I am a total and complete incarnation.” All of us are. Nobody is higher, no one is lower, everybody is the same. Are we appreciating ourselves? Am I coming to terms with myself?” If you know that we have come to terms with ourselves fully, then nobody can shake you. No situation will upset you. No event will topple you. Your everyday practice in this fast pace of time, is to be yourself totally. Not as a father, a mother, a guru, a disciple, brother or a sister… not as a relative relationship but as a complete unit which is everything but which is not anything. That is exactly what you should be. You are complete by birth, you are not in terms of somebody else. You are yourself as a total individual. If you practise this, you will be unshakeable. Neither you need anything from anybody nor can anybody be blamed for your existence.

Mohanji quote - Spend time with yourself

Actually the world is completely what you have projected, not the world as it is. The world is neutral. It is a neutral world we live in. However, we project what we are to the world, and we complain saying that the world is not giving back what we wanted. It will not, because expectation has nothing to do with the world. World has nothing to do with it. World has nothing to do with your desires. You get what you deserve and what you deserve is what is within you, how you are. That is what you deserve, so you are only getting what you deserve. You are not getting what you desire, and then we complain, ”I did not get what I desire.” You won’t, because you are not raising your eligibility to receive it. This is exactly why connecting to yourself, settling into yourself, understanding yourself, assimilating yourself, accepting yourself. This is your sadhana. This is exactly how it should be.

Q: What is Raja yoga? Please describe the practice associated with it.

Mohanji: Swami Vivekananda has explained in detail about Raja yoga. There are numerous other texts, too. In a nutshell, we can say that it is the yoga where you are connecting and dissolving into the Supreme Unmanifested, the intangible form of pure energy which is brighter than a million suns. We are not connecting to an object. It is beyond bhakti, jnana, karma, etc. or it is a mixture of everything. Raja is a king or an emperor. Yoga is that you are an emperor, i.e. you are not bound by anything on earth. That is exactly what Raja yoga is. Something which is unbound. Nothing can bind you, no practice, thing, person, situation, or time – nothing binds you. That is the state. It’s a state of being totally free.

All the practices which lead to the state of Raja yoga are being yourself, being one UNIT. First you become a unit completely, and then you become the universe.  When you are a unit, you gain the potential to become the universe. The path of Raja yoga is about being universe or being one with yourself i.e. you become a unit. Once you become a unit, you are totally with yourself. Your mind and body are totally aligned and, as one unit you are fully established inside. Then you start expanding from within. That means you assimilate everything scattered in you, then you start expanding from within, then your expansion grows with time and effort or the presence or state. As a state, you expand and then you automatically become the universe. So, from unit to the universe is a spontaneous thing, but to become a unit you need effort. That’s Raja yoga.

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Q: Is enlightenment predetermined?

Mohanji: Enlightenment is predetermined in the sense that when your predominant purpose of this incarnation is enlightenment, definitely yes. However, for everybody we have an option. That is what I mentioned earlier in the story of Nagarjuna. The thief asked, “How many lifetimes will I take to be like you, totally liberated?” Nagarjuna said, “This moment. It’s a decision you make. When nothing else matters, only liberation matters, then it is a very fast process.” What happens is that in the path, we get fascinated with so many things around us, so many lures, so many expectations, things we need from the Earth. Therefore, we keep coming back. Second, we have so many regrets because we thought, “Oh, I could have done better,” guilt factors, we convert various things from the past into guilt, then various emotions such as anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge, the kind of binding emotions which really pull you down, reducing your frequency so much that you go down in the level of evolution (frequency-wise). Then you have to climb up the ladder again because you went all the way down with these negative emotions. “Negative” means all the heavy emotions which bind you, which pull you down. This is why it is getting delayed.

Mohanji quote - Clarity, confidence

But IF your mind is occupied with goodness, acceptance (and similar), we are only benevolent to the world, we love people without conditions, we accept things as they come. All of us are karmic beings expressing our own karma in our daily life, choicelessly in a way, without blaming anybody, or expecting anything. THAT helps you to grow in awareness and in that case, just like Nagarjuna said, it’s a choice this moment.

If liberation is your priority, that will come to you. If material satisfaction, gratifications are your priority, that will happen to you. Whatever you desire strongly will happen to you sooner or later, in this life or another life. It is your choice as to what you want. You can choose a material, spatial or emotional gratification – that is your choice. Now, if your choice is liberation, then that option is open.

Mohanji quote - We realise what we focus on

It is definitely predetermined and you have to nurture it on a conscious level. That means you have to be aware – “I don’t want to be a part of this birth and death cycle. I do not wish to be helplessly bound in choiceless emotional wrangles. I want to be free from these. I want to be liberated.” Then you associate with a Master who is liberated; that helps you because when you are in THAT frequency, that is, in the frequency of a person who is already liberated, it stabilises you. That is why the proximity of a liberated Master helps. Otherwise, you will only see the man, the mannerisms, the character, the constitution, just like another person. There is no difference. If you see that, then there is no point in being with the Master. Then you need to spend time with yourself and sort yourself out. You have to assimilate yourself, to discard what is not yours, or what you don’t need, assimilate what you need and increase your goodness factor. You have to elevate yourself in awareness and settle down in one purpose which is liberation from birth and death. When in that mode, you reach a particular level, then you connect to a Master who is liberated. Otherwise there is no point. Because somebody else is in the path, there is no point in your travelling in the path.

Mohanji quote - Authenticity

The second thing is – acceptance should be absolute. Otherwise there is no point. If I accept somebody partially, I only get partially. If I accept a situation partially, I only get that partially. Acceptance should be total and acceptance should happen with you first. You need to accept yourself fully. Why do we accept somebody partially? Because we have not accepted ourselves fully. That is why we cannot accept another person fully. These things should be clearly understood. When we understood these things very clearly, it’s very easy to connect to the whole world. Whatever you look at around, you will look with total dispassion. You will look with love, kindness, compassion, you will have no enemies, you will have nothing to fight against. You will be against nothing. Even your own life, your own situations, people around you, everybody is fine; they are all karmic beings playing their life. You may approve, you may disapprove, but nothing changes. Whether you approve or disapprove it, nothing changes. You will be peaceful, the world will be peaceful, everything will be peaceful and then you will spontaneously rise in awareness. In that mode, when you connect to a liberated Master, you will automatically move in rocket speed towards liberation. Until then you need to spend time in assimilation. You need to put your fragmented pieces together and make one unit. This is fundamental. That is why enlightenment is possible, liberation is possible, dissolution is possible, by taking one step. That one step should be a firm step. CONVICTION should be firm, CONSISTENCY and CONTINUITY should be there. Continuity means today, tomorrow, the day after… you should be thinking about the same thing. You should be STEADFAST in your decision, and not change it tomorrow, then you come back again. That won’t work. In the flow it should be permanent, perpetual and without second thoughts. No doubts. One doubt can be the poison. If you leave one doubt in your mind, ”Oh, is this exactly what I want to do?” then that will work against you. “Against you” means it will pull you down or reduce your speed. A single doubt means a hole and that one hole will take the water out, eventually.

Mohanji quote - Consistency

To conclude, it is important to understand, that being a unit is fundamental. In being a unit you need to assimilate yourself totally, then you connect to a liberated Master. For the sake of being a unit you connect to a liberated Master. Stay there. Be there. Be completely practical and also steadfast in this journey. Being practical is extremely important. Being positive is extremely important. Practise positivity. Ignore negativity. Do not try to judge or criticise people or gossip. These are unnecessary and unnatural in the path of liberation. What is natural is being a unit, completely within yourself, totally accepting yourself, the purpose should be very clear and be fully occupied with your purpose. Then liberation is right now, at this point in time. It would not take time.

Q: How do the Masters operate on earth after they leave the body?

Mohanji: As I explained, when you become a unit, then the expansion is in 360 degrees. That means, first and foremost, you conglomerate yourself and become one unit. There is nothing outside of you. You have no mind outside of you. You brought back all your scattered mind – from your past, your future or materials around you, emotions – all these things are discarded and then you bring your mind back to yourself; your mind is within, intellect is within, personality, ego, everything is within, you are one unit. Then you start expanding in 360-degree awareness. That continuously expands, you become everything: the plants, trees, animals, birds, the wind, the Sun, the Moon… everything is you. You are totally expanded in that mode. Body becomes only one aspect to say that you have incarnated. That is all. When you are expanded and stabilised in that mode, even if you leave the body, that stabilisation does not end. When people connect to that physical form or that name, that conglomerates the energy again. Energy is already spread all over. Energy is not in the body, only because the unit has already become the universe. In that mode, when somebody connects to this unit, the form which is familiar, in fact they are connecting to the universe because the unit has already become the universe.

Mohanji quote - Master, become

The first, the foremost and the last step is to become a unit. Becoming the universe, which is expansion in 360 degrees, happens automatically. When it happens automatically, it stabilises after a while, and when the Master leaves the body, it is not leaving the body, it is expanding and stabilising in expansion. That is why the bodies of masters who have left in that mode are still places of power.  Thousands of people are attracted to those places and those bones are still talking. Their mortal remains are still talking, still working, continue to make a difference and bring about transformation in people.
The master who left the body has become the universe. Universe is permanent, perpetual. When you have not become a unit and you die, death then means leaving the body. It is like leaving a rented house. Once you leave there is nothing to be done with the house anymore because it is not yours. But when you are expanded, you do not have to come back because you are everywhere. There is no point in taking another unit unless there is a need on a dharmic level. Otherwise a master won’t take a body. One unit or body is taken, only for representing a particular tradition or a particular stature or state to the world. People connect to the stature or state of the master, and then to the consciousness. When they connect to the consciousness, they become one with the master. When connection to the consciousness is perpetual over time, when it is frequent and it is flowing over time, in that mode the person becomes the master. There is no difference because the unit has connected to the universe which already exists in the form which they like, which they connect to and then they merge with the universe. They become one with the universe so they also dissolve into this universe. The potential of a unit to become the universe is enhanced or stabilised by the master’s presence.
While living itself, if you are expanded, you are everywhere. If somebody thinks about you, you can be there. That shows the stature of the master, the level at which the master is operating from. It means he has already collected himself into one unit. Not only that, he has already expanded sufficiently, to be with anybody who is connected to him. This is while “living”. While “leaving”, it just stabilises. The master does not leave at all. For generations to come, the master will still be functional, working and supporting, guiding and also liberating.

Mohanji quote - I am that

Q: How to get into a state of constant intoxication into the master?

Mohanji: First of all, total acceptance of oneself. Without accepting yourself, you cannot accept another. Secondly, accepting the master 100%. That means having a very, very stable mind. You should not connect to the character, constitution, mannerisms, method of communication or all those things that are formed and that change… that is all immaterial. Always understand that a master in the body is just like another human being, who has taken a body for a certain duration, just to give a focus to people. Connect to the master as pure consciousness operating with the body, on a conscious level. That means connect on a conscious level.

First – accept yourself totally, then – accept the master as yourself. If you do not accept yourself, you cannot accept the master. To only accept the master will not work either. Connecting yourself as one unit, accepting yourself, connecting to the master, then you become the same consciousness, a shadow of the master. That is true discipleship. When the master moves, the shadow moves. You are fully focused on the person who is available and through the person you connect to the consciousness automatically, spontaneously.  

Bless you all! I wish you all the best, a lot of contentment and stability and stabilisation. This is up to YOU. You have that power. Please remember: you are creating your destiny, not anybody else. Nobody else has any role in it. Everything outside is a representation of what you are inside. Whatever you see outside is a representation of what you are inside. Always remember that. It has nothing to do with you. You have created them, entertained them, nurtured them, stabilised them or kept them around you. Therefore do not blame anything outside. Instead, connect to yourself; use your precious time in these 29200 days on earth, in this body to be a unit. This is very important. Do not waste your time looking at others, looking at outside and making a mess of your life. Instead, focus within, stabilise yourself, become a complete unit and then, as soon as possible you will become a complete universe. I wish you all the best.

Lots of love,


Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

Proof Read by Vidya Rajagopalan

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