Why Not to Wear Black

A causal talk with Mohanji

Why not to wear black – a causal talk with Mohanji in Vrelo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, May 2018. He explained about colours and their impact on our energy and inner stability.


Mohanji: Darker colours have a blocking effect. When you wear lighter shades such as white and beige, your energy is never suppressed. That is always better for energetic stability.

Disciple: Next time you’ll see us all in white.

Mohanji: You don’t need to wear white, but something light. Even light grey.

Disciple: And what about red?

Mohanji: Red is always worn by somebody connected to Shakti, goddess, power. However, if you are not balanced with the Shakti energy, you are going to addictions, to bring you down. That is why most Shakti worshipers use something to pull them back. Otherwise, you are in an ecstatic state all the time, you can’t do anything in the world. That is not a good idea. I have seen various Shakti worshippers do the extreme thing and then bring themselves down. Not down, better say back. Look at Nadananda, he is smoking all the time. He keeps on smoking. If they’re left alone, they would fly. It is not easy. But, my path is Vedic, where you are not taking everything to the extreme. You are walking a straight line, and you are reaching there.

Disciple: Father, why do I always feel attracted to black?

Mohanji: That is the mind’s thing, to camouflage yourself. Whenever you want anonymity or want to be insignificant in the place, you prefer black. Then you are telling the world: “Leave me alone. Don’t disturb me.”

Ask Devi, when she met me I was always wearing black. There was a movie actress, our friend. She came to Dubai. She wanted to go shopping, so I was taking her. I was driving, and she asked me in the car: “So, why are you wearing black?” I said: “Because I like it.” She said: “You know what? You are telling the world – please leave me alone, do not disturb me. And you are not cut out for that. You have to talk to the world.” I said: “No way!” These were those days when I was not in public. I was working. And then she herself bought me some red and yellow… I said: “I can’t wear these colours.” Then she said: ” No, no, you must wear this!” She had no idea about spirituality, but she was a movie actress, she was practical. “The more you wear black, the more you tell the world – leave me alone. And that is something which is considered to be leading to depression. It is mind oriented, you are trying to protect yourself from the world and stuff like that. You should face the world.” I said: “But I am facing the world every day,” because I was handling tankers those days, oil tankers – big, huge vessels, 3 billion barrels capacity, etc.

Another person told me: “Whenever you are connected to the influence of Saturn if you wear black, it will become double.” Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Pluton, Neptune,…  They like black.
Saturn is supposed to be the Son of shadow. It is called the Son of shadow. So, Saturn is always truthful. Shadow is truthful… How do you know that shadow is there? Shadow is a representation of you in a truthful way. What is your feature is the same feature that is coming to shadow. So, the Son of the shadow is Saturn. Saturn is always truthful. It brings out the actual you. Even if it is ugly, it brings out ugly. That is why people are afraid of Saturn because they are used to covering up. But black will expand it.
Devi was asked not to wear black at all, because of her ruling planet. I don’t know what is.


Devi: I have a strong influence of Saturn.

Mohanji: After that, she had differences in life. And also it attracts negativity, jealousy,…

Devi: Negative comments from people.

Disciple: What will I do with my wardrobe everything is black!?

Devi: I literally threw my clothes. I had a pile of black stuff, and I just threw them away. I did realize how much black I had. All the time I was wearing something black. It is also because we feel we look slimmer when we wear black. But you can wear dark blue, olive, green, brown,…

,,I you wear lighter shades you are safe." Mohanji on why not to wear black

Mohanji: There are two things about it. One is that they attract a lot of jealousy when they are with me. People become very jealous when they become close to Mohanji. Lighter colours reflect it back. Second thing is to protect themselves from the influences of the energy.

Devi: But that guy said that when you wear black you get more criticized by people, you get more jealousy.

Mohanji: They want to put you down. Even if you do your best, they would say that you are not good enough. When you wear lighter colours, it reflects back to them, maybe not fully, but at least 80%.

Disciple: When I see teenagers wearing black, sometimes I feel angry with their parents.

Mohanji: Teenagers often wear black because they want to rebel. That is a kind of rebellious attitude. It is a kind of message to society: “I am against all of you.” I was always wearing black. I never even used to buy clothes without something black. I wore a tie and a jacket at work, but that was different. Then I stopped everything with the black. Even now I have a few things black, but not many.

Likewise, saffron, an orange colour, is very powerful. It influences the solar plexus directly. If you are not stable and you wear saffron, you won’t be able to handle your sun energy, fire. Fire will be very high. That is why many people who wear saffron are completely messed up. Because if you are not stable when you wear a particular colour, you become even more imbalanced. People sometimes renunciate, want to live in isolation, they say: “I don’t want to live in this world, I am going.” But they can’t settle down in saffron because of this issue. It accents the solar plexus and sexuality, and so many things come out. Whatever was sitting inside quietly before, will all start coming out, which they won’t be able to handle.

Disciple: Sometimes I was wearing a combination of red and black.

Mohanji: Red is earth, that is different.
Disciple: I like that combination, but maybe I am more aggressive than usual.

Mohanji: I used to pick those colours. I think there is a connotation in what we eat, and what we wear,… But if you wear lighter shades you are safe.

Devi: But it is all little by little – the food you intake, the thoughts you have, the clothes you wear, it is small, small. It is not that it is a big deal, but it does count when you put it together.

Mohanji: When you work only on a certain frequency, it counts. Otherwise, the thing is that you are doing your best and somebody tells you that you are stupid, that you are not good and all those kinds of things. Or, you are doing your best thing in the world, you want to elevate the awareness of people in the world, and people are talking dirty things about you. If you wear such clothes, it hits you more. You probably start believing them rather than your purpose. So, you have to stick to the purpose.

Our purpose in this life is to reach the highest point. If all other things are affecting us then we will never reach there. The mind will bring all those things continuously. Our job is like a hurdle race, one hurdle, another hurdle,… you have to jump and keep going. The mind will bring everything, one hurdle, another hurdle,…  And especially when we talk about people, we never get over it because people will keep coming and talking. They will have their prejudice and all those kind of things. There is no end to this. You will always be against somebody. I have seen some people who are always against somebody. If they are not against you, they are against somebody else because that is the only way they can survive. It is an extension of insecurity. If I am confident about myself, I don’t have to talk about other people. If you are not confident then you bother about other people.

Why not to wear black- a causal talk with Mohanji in Vrelo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in may 2018., in which He explaines about colors and its impact on our energy and inner stability.

When we decide to raise the frequency of the Earth, all these things matter. Even though they are small things, on a larger scale it matters because naturally, we gravitate towards “I don’t want to be touched,…” I was a great introvert, a chronic introvert. When Devi came into my life, I asked Baba: “Why are you sending a woman to me now, after all these years?”, because I had been a bachelor for many years. “What should I do?” he said: “You have to get married,” I said: “No way! That’s impossible. I don’t want to get into that kind of mess, marriage, children,… I am fine this way.” And he said: “Then you have to come back. One thing is pending.” Everything you have to do has to complete, there are no dos and don’ts in that way. Even if you have to fall, you have to fall. If you have to get up, you have to get up. There is nothing like: “Why did this happen to me?” Everything happens.

Transcribed by Stasa Misic

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