Creating Inner Stability – part 2

Mohanji Speaks

Zoom Satsang on 6th May 2018

Mohanji quote - Doubts


Q: How can we overcome doubts that the mind creates?

M: It’s almost like clouds which obscure the sun. Doubts are coming out of mind and doubts are created mostly well, we can get doubts from other people but if doubts are entering it’s the mind projecting an option of these things but what you need to do is stick to your reality. What has been your reality? What has been your experience? And what is the aspiration? If you stick to that, all the doubts-clouds will clear. Doubts will happen, but don’t allow them to stay. You look at it, say ok, it’s existing, but you are beyond doubts. Sun is always there shining. The clouds come and obscure it but sun doesn’t go away. The sun stays. So you are definitely in the sunshine, you are the brightness. Clouds will happen but we know very well that they won’t stay. They all come and go.
Better not to rain on other people. That is something which you can think about. When you have doubts, keep them to yourself and dissolve them without raining on other people i.e. without contaminating other people’s minds. Then what happens is, it becomes your responsibility to sort out those people. The more people you contaminate with doubts, the more responsibility you are handling. So be careful. To beautify somebody’s mind is good karma. When you contaminate someone’s mind is bad karma. So you have to pay for that too. So pay less. These are all my opinions.

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Q: How can we sustain the bliss of silence we create during the meditation all day long?

M: Initially whenever we have any bliss of silence during the meditation, it can’t be sustained more than certain. But when you repeat it, it starts expanding. It’s like thoughts start reducing. The first day they will not reduce. You have to go through the process over a period of time, it reduces. Consistency is very important. Then the effect will stay longer, longer, longer and finally it will stabilise, it becomes your state. Effect becomes your state through consistency. Consistency is very important in any sadhana, any practice. That is why the scriptures say one path, one guru, one practice. This is very important. So whatever you do, be consistently connected to one tradition, one guru, one path, one practice. Then it is guaranteed because the effect or the tranquillity which you experience through consistent effort becomes state. Once the state happens or once you graduate into that state it will not go away.

Mohanji quote - Consistency


Q: Do effects of the planets affect our energy and if yes, does the Navagraha  prayer reduce the effects of the planets?

M: Well, even the weather is affecting you, right? Sun, sunshine, summer, winter, spring, the surrounding, all these things have an effect on us. We are not segregated from this universe. We are part of this universe. We are within this universe. Every atom in us is connected to every atom in the universe. Everything has its power play. It has its influence. When you say Navagraha puja, it’s like increasing the positivity and integrating the alignment with the whole cosmos. In any prayer, any mantra, any ritual, which integrates your connectivity which is already existing, which you can’t avoid, with the whole universe, it will help you because it is one part of alignment. Whenever your body is perfectly aligned like, you are having a good sleep, good appetite, good exercise, if your body is aligned in a good way, that will help you all day. Like that, if your mind is aligned beautifully, that means moderate emotions, peacefulness, tranquillity in mind, etc. then your interaction with society is better. Likewise your intellect is aligned i.e. the information you are assimilating is not of violence in nature, it is connected to you, synchronised with your system, then intellect is beautiful and connects with the whole society. If every aspect is aligned, it gives you a better life. Likewise, if you are connecting to the planets which are already existing and influencing, not only ours, but the whole world, the whole universe, they are all interconnected, so if you are getting in tune with those planets, and your alignment is perfect, the effects are less i.e. neutralised. That is definitely coming. Puja, prayer, whatever suits you, it will work. The alignment is the main thing. Meditation is called alignment, rituals are for alignment, mantras are for alignment, everything is for alignment. It is including body, mind, intellect, ego, any structure. So alignment is the whole thing. Spirituality is fundamentally called alignment. In that mode everything works well.

Mohanji quote - Alignment

Secret to peace

Q: How can we be always mentally and physically happy without sorrow, pain, fear, grief, tension, etc. in all circumstances?

M: This is a wonderful question. I think you are already that. Then what is preventing it? Expectations, mind, right? You are already beautifully integrated into the whole universe. In fact, nothing can segregate you except your mind. Your mind creates analysis, mind creates doubts, mind creates segregation, alienation, anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge. This is all mind. Remove all these things from your mind and you will see there is no mind. When thoughts are taken out of mind, mind itself collapses. Your secret to peace is coming in tune with yourself. The secret to peace, stability, tranquillity, equanimity. This is definitely mind, your acceptance factor, your contentment factor. If you accept yourself and you accept the realities, and you are peaceful with everything, you don’t criticise, you don’t judge or talk bad, you don’t contaminate your space and other spaces, like that if you do, you will be peaceful. And it will show on your face. You will be like a magnet, you will attract so many people. That’s because you have stabilised. People would like just to see the stable mind. All the turbulence is temporary and it’s mostly in the waking state mind. Other states do not get affected so much. So in waking state mind be peaceful, choose peace, and also choose goodness, be good to people, do good, serve the world, all the time thinking, “What else can I do for the world?” it will give a lot of peace and tranquillity.

Mohanji quote - Secret to peace

Q: How to overcome tamas consistently?

M: Tamas is when you are in a mode of inertia. Your whole method, mode is inertia. So people sometimes drink coffee or smoke cigarettes just to get out of tamas. I would say that actually the only way to overcome tamas is to increase rajas, rajas means action. Whenever you feel, “Oh, I’m lazy, I don’t want to get out of bed,” get up. So that you do what is opposite of laziness. Go for the opposite. That’s the best way to overcome tamas and ensure that you are not tamasic in your mind, in the body, ok. Mind is influencing the body but the body’s putting the mind back to bed. It says, “Nice weather, sleep a little more.” Get up, go for a job or do something to counter it. So the best way to beat tamas is rajas, compulsive action. Not just walking, thinking, singing, etc. You have to do jogging, running, play football, tennis, something which will be really dynamic. That will help you.


Q: Do we need to chant different mantras or can we chant Mohanji gayatri mantra?

M: Whatever mantra you are chanting, do it consistently. At least partially with voice which means 90% of the mantra should be inside, 10% outside. It’s not like 90% sound outside and 10% inside which we see in places, people run away because of the noise pollution, but 90% of the mantra should be within, 10% should be outside. This is the right way to chant. So it’s only the limited sound coming out.

Secondly, use one mantra, whichever mantra suits you, consistently chant it for a long period of time. When you stop chanting with the sound, chant in your mind. All the time while you walk, talk, relax, chant it in the mind so that what happens is your alignment never changes. Mantras build alignment. They synchronise you. That will stay. Mantras are good if chanting is consistent. At the end of the day, it is consistency. The more consistently you do it, the more effect you will see.

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Q: How to get a status of no expectation?

M: Our mind expects by nature. It’s like a habit. We have developed the mind to start expecting so we expect. But just by being aware of your expecting, your will start detaching from your expectations, that is a way to begin. It means, you expect to have breakfast in the morning. And then breakfast is happening in the morning, ok, it’s good. But then always be aware, “Oh, I expect, and this is sometimes binding.” So each point in time, if you are alert about your expectations, so many expectations will start detaching from you and instead of expecting, you will be in an acceptance mode. The moment you shift into acceptance mode, expectation takes a back seat. It means your method of operation becomes peaceful. You are peaceful. You are stable. And then, even if you have expectations, it does not have density, like an overwhelming expectation, anxiety, fear, discord with the people around you or imperils of life, disharmony, all those things will stop because there will be more acceptance, less expectation.

So to detach from expectation, first is awareness. Be aware that you are expecting. And it’s not a bad thing. Don’t think that expectation is bad and suppress it. It’s not that. You are actually experiencing expectation but at the same time you are being aware of it. But at the same time you are not bound by it. You are accepting the situation where it does not become as you expected. So that you are giving the room, you are leaving it open, that is acceptance. The more you develop acceptance, the less you are bound by it. Less expectation, less disappointment. So you will be free from that.

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Difference in frequency and orientation

Q: Why do we feel comfortable or uncomfortable at different places like someone’s home or Mandir?

M: It all depends on your frequency and orientation. Like, if a person who is interested in chanting, singing and dancing, goes to a very serious discussion on spirituality on intellectual plane, they will run away. They will feel something is very wrong. Because their operating frequency is different. They operating frequency is chanting, singing, dancing. But the place provided is that of serious silence, meditations and stuff. So every place, every person, every location if it is not integrated into your frequency or if it is not in tune with your frequency, you will feel very bad or you will feel suffocated. That’s the reason. But understand that there are 7.5 billion people on earth. They are not of the same frequency. Everybody has variety, difference and there should be variety, difference. That’s the flavour of life. If everybody is the same like bricks of a wall, there’ll be no fun. The fun of life is about variety. The world has provided sufficient variety. It’s important that all these are part of creation, part of the universe and understand that the whole creation decided to have this in this time. So instead of resistance, learn acceptance. Also, if the frequency does not match you, like, if you cannot relate to somebody, leave peacefully. Don’t sit down criticising, judging or scandalising him or make life miserable for yourself and others. Instead you can peacefully leave – it’s not my cup of tea. How many times you have done that, right? Sometimes something comes to us that does not suit us and we have to leave it, like food, our clothes… Sometimes it does not suit us, so we switch out of it, go out of it and leave peacefully. That’s the way to go. Incompatibility of the frequency is not a problem, it’s not your deficiency, please understand. If you cannot be compatible with everybody, every place, idea, or emotion, it is not your deficiency. It is only talks about your orientation and how you are created. It is not a problem. Don’t look at it as a problem. And if you try to match all frequencies, you will never succeed anyway. Please understand that.

Mohanji quote - Frequency difference

The right path

Q: Father, please advise me the right path I am stranded in dejection? How will I get real peace of mind to concentrate on You?

M: Don’t try to concentrate on me. First you said, please advise me the right path. YOU are the right path. Without you, there is no Mohanji, right? You are the most important being you have met in this life. Now, if you haven’t met, make sure you meet yourself. This is very important. If you don’t meet Mohanji, it will not change anything. But if you don’t meet you in this life, you’ll lose a lifetime. It’s important that you should spend time and understand, recognise, shake hands with yourself. So the right path is YOU. When I say ‘you’ you need to understand assimilate yourself totally, not as a father, brother, sister, husband… it’s all relative relationships in waking time. I’m talking about ‘you’ which is the same in waking state, dream state and deep sleep state. So be that person who is the same in all three states which the society will not see. Society only sees that which you project, so society makes a decision based on your projection and basically doesn’t understand you. You need to understand yourself, come in terms with yourself, you need to be with yourself so it’s important that you have to accept, recognise and assimilate yourself and that’s the path. There is no other path which is more right than that, there cannot be a path which is more suitable to you than yourself. Because you have been a complete creation which you probably never recognised. And don’t look at Mohanji or some other guru or some other thing as perfection, because that is your mind telling you. But what about you? If you can’t meet you or see you or understand you or assimilate you, there is no way you can meet anybody else. Everything has to be within you. It’s important to understand.

Q: How will I get real peace of mind?

M: When you find yourself, you are only peace. There’s nothing else. All the emotions are because you do not find yourself, you are looking outside. You are looking outside for happiness, relationships, for everything. So you do not get sufficient time to meet you so that you are peaceful. But when you meet yourself, you know that everything is you. Then you are very, very peaceful. There can’t be more peace. Otherwise you are in pieces.

Mohanji quote - Spend time with yourself

Q: Recently, whenever I see time, I see 1:11, 2:22, 3:33… Is it just a coincidence or is there any meaning to it?

M: I think you look at the clock only at those times (laughter). Because, see, such analysis will not help you. If it is a clear sign of something, these numbers are all patterns, symbolic patterns, patterns of life, patterns of mind, patterns of something, so it is probably a projection of your state, not balance, or original state or perfect balance. But why do we analyse? Ask yourself, am I balanced? If the answer is yes – enjoy. If the answer is no, try to get that balance.

Q: Is it ok to do sadhana when someone dies in the house? When we practise sadhana or Consciousness Kriya, and those rituals go in home?
M: Yes, technically yes, but then ritualistically we would say that the whole area is in mourning time. Mourning time practices are not effective because energy levels are low. That is why people say don’t practise anything during the time of death in the house. But in principle it is not disallowed, you can do any practices. But will you be in a mood to practise when somebody dies in the house? That’s the question. So it’s all connected to how you feel about it. There is no right or wrong there.

Silence in mind

Q: Can we really do anything including Kriya to increase our spiritual evolution?

M: Increasing your evolution pattern or your spiritual evolution, the sign, the structure or the benchmark is fewer thoughts in mind. Whatever practice you do which helps you to have fewer and fewer thoughts in mind, that is good for you. That means less activity in the mind. Silence in mind. That is where any practice should lead to, including Consciousness Kriya. Even connecting to your master. The time is so fast, it’s moving so fast, even remembrance of your master is good enough. Mantra, chanting in the mind is good enough. Everything will help you.

Mohanji quote - Practice for silence of mind

But understand it is not the hours of practice but the intensity of practice which makes the difference. People practice for hours, absent-minded. That won’t help you, but intensity of practice will. Like, you practice one hour, you connect to your master for one hour, you definitely switch to His consciousness. So that intensity has a lot of value. But it is not the same as the longevity. Sometimes people don’t understand. They say, oh, I’ve practised for ten hours, fifty hours, hundred hours. Maybe then nothing has happened. Still the mind is turbulent, noisy, then it does not work. So whatever you do, make sure it’s intense. That is why Consciousness Kriya is ten minutes. Ten minutes is because you need the intensity. Then you repeat ten minutes so that intensity is not compromised. That’s why.


Q: How’s it that our family and everything is predestined and our path talks about non-doership?

Yes, everything is predestined, but then it doesn’t mean that we just sleep. All things are predestined because you created them in the past. What you create in the present has value for the future. You need to create a good future. That means you need to work harder, and you need to work in a synchronised way now, to stabilise yourself and then your future will be bright. This is important. It doesn’t mean that whatever has happened or will happen is because of the past and now I do nothing, because your future will be completely confusing. So it’s important that you do the things right and in the right way, using the right system, right opportunities, right masters, right methods, then the future will be beautiful. Because you have only right now to work on. Work on that beautifully and the future will be extremely good. It should not be for somebody else. It should be for you. Understand 7.5 billion people are 7.5 billion karmic beings. Everybody is only experiencing themselves in relationship with something else. Not that they are experiencing something else. All of us are experiencing only our incarnation and our incarnation versus something outside of us, not something outside of us all the time. We get that feeling because mind is outside. But actually speaking, we are only experiencing our existence and that too only in the waking state mostly, dream state partially, deep sleep state not at all. So this is the system.

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Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

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