February 2016

Mohanji’s First Interview in the USA

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xQq6vj3NWo] Ganesh Venkatachalam: Namaskaar and Good Afternoon. We are delighted to welcome Mohanji to the United States. Mohanji is well-known for his impactful writings, meditation programs, and retreats that are conducted all over the world. He has a growing followership of 300,000 worldwide, including USA where people read his blogs and practise his meditations. …

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Watch Your Thoughts

Watch your thoughts and hold on to faith Watch them, do not participate, do not energize them. The more you energize them, the more they stay. Also, as we evolve into silence and enlightenment, year by year or lifetime by lifetime, all our fears have to come and go. Even if one small fear lies …

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The Power of Devotion

Weekend Programme with Mohanji ‘Return to Yourself’, Serbia, 3-4 Oct, 2015; day 1, part 3  The photo of Mohanji reflecting Hanumanji. It was taken in the USA when our USA family asked Mohanji to bless them on Hanuman Jayanti. Q: Are devotion and service the same? A: They are interconnected. Q: Could you tell us …

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