October 2015

Talking Thoughts

One may ask if a man is accountable for the thoughts he thinks, especially if there are violent or reactionary ones, or is he accountable only for the thoughts that he puts into action. It is true that it is difficult to control our thoughts. This is because thoughts are produced by inclination, and inclination …

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An excerpt from a satsang in Europe in 2013 Q: I have learned that it is possible as a yogi to obtain special psychic abilities or siddhis. Since I work as a therapist, I am wondering about using these powers to help my clients in my practice, even though using these powers may obstruct my …

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Completion Within

Rose Bank Satsang with Mohanji in Canada on 23rd August 2015, part 2 Q: Is enlightenment continuous or step-wise? A: It’s already there. It’s just removing the lid of the mind. The only factor which prevents the experience of enlightenment is the mind. This is because the mind is clutter, right? Agendas, a lot of …

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