August 2015

Dharmic Existence

Satsangs from Serbian Retreat with Mohanji, 9-14th May, 2014 Q: I underwent a personal trauma- my brother died and it turned out that it was not an accident, but he was killed. At that time I didn’t read spiritual teachings. How to go back and apply what I know to that which happened in the …

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Reunion discourses from Swami Brahmananda & Mohanji

At the recent Lord Subramanium Festival in the UK, Mohanji gave a discourse about the purifying effect of Karma Sannyasa – desireless action in service to others. Swami Brahmananda talked about the power of Bhakti Yoga. Two enlightening messages for you… originally published on where you can also download the audio. Reunion discourses from …

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