May 2015

Breathe Vertically

Satsang with Mohanji in Belgrade, 16th May, 2015 Q: I’ve been to various meditations and tried a few methods. I always had a goal to achieve, something to solve with these, but none of them worked. I was told that I did not believe in these methods enough. Could you tell me whether I believe …

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What is a Guru?

An excerpt from Sediba retreat in South Africa in September 2013   What is a guru? Q: Please explain the concept of a guru. How can one’s or my, his or her spiritual growth and cleansing depend on someone that is a guru? In the macro level A: The primary concept of a guru is …

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Towards Liberation

Visualisation Q: When you say everything happens, it’s not really us in control. It’s the divine coming and working through us. What about these documentaries like “The Secret”, etc. where if you visualise something, you can get that, and have this experience? A: Actually, has anybody had that experience? I’m not talking about you. Did …

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